Danielle Lewis - Surrender | Single

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Danielle, like many singer/songwriters can lay claim to getting her start in the church. Yet she distinguishes herself. She is still in the church, she believes that she is the church. She brings its sense of love and community; hope and healing wherever she goes. And places she is going to! Sure, her credentials look great on paper, but Danielle proves time and again that she can deliver in the classroom as well as the concert hall. Her voice will ring from the studio. Right to the stage. Straight from Heaven. Straight to your heart. While her love for music carries her through life, it also carries her across borders. It may be the New York tri-state area lines or the international lines of Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Australia and Serbia. Near or far, she wants to bring you closer to God. Closer to a new day in music where artistry and ministry are not compromised.

On April 18th, 2010 she released her first project entitled AMAZING to rave reviews.,, and were among the many magazines and publications that reviewed the album and supported the release. It is now available in all digital stores and chain stores July 2010. She is one of the directors for Hungry 4 God, a growing youth ministry and is on the board of directors for The Vision Camp, a non-for-profit organization, both based in New York. Danielle is now prepping to release her NEW project, “Today, I Will”, a worship EP accompanied by a 31 day devotional, on October 22, 2011.

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Young Chozen - Living Out Loud feat. YB | Single

At the request of Royal.T, Young Chozen & YB have teamed together to deliver this BANGER! This Monday, October 24th, you have the chance to be able to hear this song in addition to hot songs from Yaves, Ron Riley, Twyse, IIISamuel, Jac Rip, D-Tropp, Du2ce and many more when Generation SWAGG Presents: JMV2 drops! Make sure you get the word out so Jesus Music Vol. 2 is heard by the masses!

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Onitsha- Love, Onitsha | Mixtape

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This year something amazing happened in Kingdom Music. Singers have masterfully developed and mastered the craft of what I call Kingdom R&B. J. Santana, Isaac Caree, P-Dub & Travis Malloy all took us to a certain place with their gifts! What a fitting way to start the end of the year with, Onitsha! Onitsha has delivered an INSTANT CLASSIC with her “Love, Onitsha” Mixtape.

1. First song is a simple intro but the voice of Onitsha immediately captivates the attention of the listener. Onitsha is her name and it is a name we will not soon forget!

2. Holding Me Down feat. Eric Dawkins & Amber Riley- Okay now Jazmine Sullivan is one of the most dominant forces in the industry today and her voice is a voice that is to be reckoned with! Remaking a song that she sings is risky but it was a risk that Ms. Onitsha was willing to make. And the features on this song right here. WOW! I love the change of lyrics as she is clearly singing to God. No matter how many circles we run around He takes us back after everything! Eric and Amber hold their own on this song. This song is straight up soulful! Wow!

3. Somebody- I like to vibe to this song. Her voice is amazing like I said before but the message of the song is what really stands out! If you ever have been called out of the darkness and into the light you will be able to relate to this song! And when you have the experience you wanna tell everybody about what God did for you in your life. And that is the message that Onitsha conveys on this song! Powerful message right here. Go and spread the Gospel y’all!

4. No Woman, No Cry- Every time I’ve ever heard this song it’s been slow and sad. But I love the upbeat spin she took on this classic Bob Marley tune. She dedicates this song to her father who passed away. I can relate to this song being that I lost my mother 10 years down. This is a beautiful song that she is singing to her father. She knows she will meet him again and she is living each day in his honor. I think this song is really going to speak to someone. I thank Onitsha for this song. It’s never easy to go personal like this but I truly believe this will minister to someone who is down! The strong must be able to strengthen the weak!

5. Karaoke feat. Drake- I’m sure the critics will have a problem with this because Drizzy Drake makes an appearance. And I’m sure someone is going to talk about being unequally yoked! And I’m pretty sure someone is going to complain that this was a secular song. But to me I really feel that God can use anything. And what the devil meant for bad God can easily use for good! And Onitsha made this song work. I like what she did with it. See life in the “Spotlight” can do a lot of things, and one of the main things is it can make you lose focus. But she says, “Only God’s purpose will stand” That’s so true right there. If you know me I preach Acts 20:24 (Go do your homework y’all!)

6. You- Onitsha doesn’t miss a beat with this smooth and soulful voice. Vocally this girl can sing, or as MAMA’ NEM say, “SAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGG!”. There’s nobody in this world like God! Amazing love song to the one who showed the greatest amount of love to us! This is one of my favorite songs on the project!

7. Where You Are- Onitsha does a wonderful job remixing Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are. Not much to write about this one. This track is a gem. A diamond in the rough. I love the way she changes up the lyrics on these remixes. It gives a whole new meaning to these songs! This is what Kingdom Music is all about!

8. Falling- This old school sample fits Ontisha’s voice perfectly. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Butterflies right? Well Onitsha sings about TRULY falling in love and falling in love with God. See we can’t truly learn to love anyone else until we learn how to love God. Man, she really has stepped it up when it comes to the way a song is written!

9. Check Him Out- Nicki Minaj’s song is given a better meaning a message with this one! Onitsha points out the greatness of God proclaiming that he is the true amazing superstar! And she tells us if “you don’t know Him, open up your heart and get to know Him! CHECK HIM OUT”. Sounds like that’s an invitation of salvation to me! Yea it’s done differently than “Traditionalists” are used to but the message is still there and still powerful. I’m going to be vibing to this one for a minute.

10. Try Me feat Teddy Campbell- My favorite song of the mixtape. This is the song that made me say Jazmine WHO? God’s really been dealing with me on what secular music to listen to and what secular music not to listen to. And this song did it for me. I rep Jazmine Sullivan hard but after hearing this I’m like homegirl, Onitsha went in! Her voice on this is amazing! And this is definitely a song that is calling the listener to submit their lives and their will to the Lord. After you’ve tried everything else you can still try God! Wow! That’s powerful.

So I sit here and try to sum up this mixtape in a closing paragraph. It’s hard. Onitsha really has set the bar high for every single Kingdom R&B artist. And I don’t mean to sway anyone’s opinion. But to me she is the Kingdom R&B artist of the year and possibly has the best mixtape of the year. Onitsha is not your typical gospel artist. Her message is clear and she goes hard for the Lord, but her music is for the masses. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this anointed woman of God. Oh I almost forgot. I Love, Onitsha! Be blessed fam!

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4Trinity - The King Is Here Ft. Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, and ViceVrsa | Single

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4Trinity teamed up with their friends, K-nuff & Butta P of Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, ViceVrsa and producer Mpax to make a free download track for the holidays. Instead of making the typical track, they decided to take a different route and speak about how most people today go out, celebrate, and party, but don’t even know why or what they are celebrating. While the world is looking for some satisfaction, we understand that we found ours in Jesus. The King is here!

“The King is Here”
4Trinity, Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, and ViceVrsa
Produced by: Mpax for Mpax Production
Co-Produced by: J. Rippa
Mixed by: J. Rippa for Lambworx
Mastered by: Joe Bunting for Lambworx
Artwork by: Frank for Rekcity

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Young Chozen - Class President | Review

Young Chozen's debut album, Class President, is a modern hip-hop album that, I feel, is best aimed at the younger audience. Chozen took the route of theming his album around campus life, partying, and everything “swag”. The album was neither consistently good or bad. While one would conclude this results in a score of “average”, I don’t think that’s a fair assessment simply because each track has to be judged individually as well as part of a whole compilation.

*When reviewing this album on the basis of production and sound quality, my comments were based off my listening run-through on my studio monitors. I must say that the album sounded much better on my headphones. Towards the end of the album, you’ll notice that I decided to stop commenting so much on the sound quality. This is due primarily to the fact that your experience of the album will change greatly from one listening source to another. Overall, the album sounded pretty good on headphones and sub-par on my monitors.*

Favorites: 31 Status, I’m Gone, Stereo
Best Production: Class President, Drive Thru, I’m Gone

For my thoughts on the album, let’s get straight to the track reviews.

1. Class President

Young Chozen opens up his campaign with his title track, Class President. I think this was a wise move because it’s one of the better all-around songs on the album. It has a 90s feel to it and I really like the simple beat. He has some clever rhymes like I’ve come to expect from Chozen. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Chozen has always stood on being able to “have fun, love God, and be cool”. I commend him for this. Young Chozen obviously had a very specific theme in mind with this album and the title track really sums it up. While I think it’s great to let loose and have some fun, Chozen is a little all over the place on this track. I get the message he’s trying to portray, but he throws a lot of extra stuff in there that I wasn’t completely feeling.

2. Drive Thru

I really do like the beats on this album. Drive Thru has a nice feel to it. If Chozen wants his audience to be the younger generation and specifically the geeked up, “jerk” crowd, then tracks like this will help his cause. I can’t dance, but Drive Thru had me moving a little bit. He lost me on the second verse. He picks back up towards the end of the third verse, but it’s just a bit too gimmicky-feeling for me. I’m beginning to see that these tracks are definitely aimed towards a specific demographic. Unfortunately, I think Chozen alienates a lot of other potential listeners by being so similar with each track’s sound. Having said that, that’s exactly what he chose this album to be. On another note, too much food talk for me…even if it was the theme of the song.

3. Head Noddin’

My head was pretty still on Head Noddin’. Chozen slows his flow down a little bit on this track and I thought it was a nice, subtle change. I heard a lot of pointless self-exaltation on this track (mostly on the first verse) and it wasn’t very attracting to me. I just find it hard to put two and two together when it is stated that every line written is God-given, yet they aren’t filled with content that lines up with God’s character. Chozen is trying to reach the world, but I feel that he conforms to it a bit too much in Head Noddin’. Gaining the world as an audience isn’t worth obtaining if it takes us becoming less like our Creator. Since we’re pushing people to Him, we never want people to get the wrong picture of Him because of us.

4.  Tell It All Around

Young Chozen tries to get his dubstep on with Tell It All Around. I do like the mini dubstep sections. I like the idea of the song too. The guitar was a nice addition also. But the track didn’t make it full-circle for me. It sounded like his vocals were a little too low on the verses and the synths were overpowering the vocals in many places. Tell It All Around felt a bit unfinished on the production side of things and this really distracted me from the rest of the song as a whole. His flow was pretty good on this track however.

5. Backyard

Chozen tries to summon his inner rock star in Backyard. Again, I feel like the album has taken a dip in production since the first three tracks. I can barely hear the second voice in his phone call and that continues into his chorus. I still like the feel of the song. In the hook, this track actually reminds me of something I could hear Trip on (that’s a compliment in my book). The beat just seems louder than the vocals. I get the play on words with the party theme and stuff. But if Chozen isn’t careful, he could lead quite a few people that don’t see this underlying correlation into some real confusion. I’d like to see this song re-mixed and mastered. It has the potential to go really hard.

6. The Rock

Outside of more mixing inequalities, I like The Rock. There was a little too much reverb on the beginning vocals, but when the track picked up, it felt alright to me. Some of the levels may have still been off, but it was much better. I liked Chozen’s first verse. The message was on point and I like how he touched a variety of different demographics. After listening to the chorus again, it wasn’t as off as it feels initially. I think it’s more so the vocals before the first chorus that were a bit off. Chozen continued a nice flow into the second and third verses also. The Rock has been my favorite track on the album up until this point.

7. Think You Know Me

Young Chozen gets futuristic and creative on Think You Know Me. This track was interesting for me because it addresses a lot of the emotions I was feeling in previous songs. In the way Young Chozen speaks on this track, it seems that he probably takes a lot of heat about some of the things he says and the direction he chooses to go sometimes. I understand engaging culture, being relevant, and stylistic common ground. I think pursuing those aspects of music is an art in itself. It’s not easy to walk that fine line between engaging and conforming. I say that to say that this track personally challenged me to lift Chozen up in prayer, that God would continue to use Him and draw Him into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit, like we all pray for our own lives. After all, the Holy Spirit is the only hope we have in knowing when we are crossing the line. Chozen has a lot of potential. He’s really got something here. I’m with Chozen. We can hear the hate and ask God to confirm or deny in us what is fair and what needs not our attention. Well played, Sir Chozen.

8. Lunch Time (Skit)

Young Chozen’s skit, Lunch Time, is light-hearted and humorous. “Looking like a rainbow push pop!’ I thought the rap exchange was clever and pretty cool, but I really couldn’t hear Chozen very well.

9. La La La Love

Nice message in La La La Love. Young Chozen takes from 1 Corinthians 13 speaking about love. There is reason God told us that love is above all other things. We can do anything that is considered great, but if it’s not rooted in love, it isn’t pleasing to the Father. The chorus is a bit off mix-wise, but the verse is on point. Chozen really had some great verses on this track. This song spoke so much to me. You really get a glimpse into Chozen’s heart for Christ and it’s quite beautiful. I think we can all relate to what Chozen relays in this song. The section of singing on the second verse fit well and sounded good. La La La Love was a nice change in the album. I’d like to see more of this from Young Chozen. Side note…I have a personal vendetta against songs named like this!

10. Pot of Gold

Chozen tells a love story with Pot of Gold. I actually enjoyed this track. The last two tracks have been a good break from the “jerk” style. Chozen speaks about a time in his life where he met a girl that he thought he might really have a future with. It wasn’t God’s plan, but instead, God was keeping him because he had someone else in mind. Chozen calls us to patience and trust in our Father’s perfect plan.

11. 31 Status

31 Status! In case anyone doesn’t know what 31 Status stands for, it’s in reference to Proverbs 31, which is a piece of Scripture on being a woman of God. I love the shout out to Proverbs 31 women on this track. The beat goes too! I liked the two different voice (high and low) in the hook. Chozen paints a pretty good picture of what men of God should be attracted to. I like how Chozen lays out, in question format, a few things that a Proverbs 31 woman does. Then he does a good job laying out the opposite of a Proverbs 31 woman. I liked what Chozen chose to do with the third verse. He just took some phrases and chopped them up and I feel that it worked. I must mention the pretty obvious feel that this track has in comparison to Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad”. 31 Status for the win though!

12. Here I Come

Here I Come has a unique sound to it. Chozen shares a little about where he’s been in relation to where he is now and how far he’s come. The chorus on Here I Come was enjoyable and fit this track well. I don’t feel like anything was forced on this track. It had a good flow to it. What I like about this track, especially in the second verse, is that I hear the subtle mentions to direct Scripture. That was lacking in other areas of the album. I was really pleased to hear Chozen speak on these things.

13. I’m So On

It was one skinny jeans reference too many for me with I’m So On. I wasn’t feeling this track at all. Between all the “swag” talk and obvious rhyme references, I’m So On didn’t evoke any positive responses from me.

14. Way Up There

More “swag”? I guess I really just wish Chozen would be a bit more original. Way Up There is more of the same that I’ve been feeling throughout most of this album. I would like to see more substance.

15. Set Em Up

Repitition can be a good thing, but it isn’t on this streak that Chozen continues with Set Em Up. As I’ve progressed over these past couple songs, the album has become less and less enjoyable for me. Chozen got lazy, even repeating exact phrases.

16. I’m Gone

I’m Gone was a much needed lyrical pickup for me. You know why? Because it was honest. I like transparency. While I would love to hear Chozen be a little more specific in what his past consisted of (there is power in the word of our testimony), he brought good content to this track. The hook was dope too. Best vocals by far on the album so far. Nice comeback track here.  I challenge Chozen to tap into this beautiful openness more often. This is what will affect people. People can relate to this message because it’s real life.

17. Stereo

Stereo is another good track. What I’m finding is that there are spurts on this album that I like and then spurts that I dislike. I wish Chozen would have broke up some of these tracks and slid them in between the upbeat tracks. They would have provided a nice break and I wouldn’t have had as much reason to focus on the bad. Stereo is a beautiful song, an outstanding display of feeling/emotion, and a good choice to end out the album.

18. School’s Out (Skit)

I like the message Chozen relayed in this final skit, School’s Out. I really wish it would have been in track form though. I understand that he’s saying, but I did not get that same message from some of his tracks. Now I see his intentions, but I’m not sure he executed and relayed that message in an effective way consistently throughout the album.


Class President was hit and miss for me. I thought there were really good moments (31 Status, I’m Gone, Stereo) and, unfortunately, really bad moments (I’m So On, Way Up There, Set Em Up). I felt that a better arrangement of the tracks (breaking up some of the same styles with different ones) could have done Chozen a lot of good. My least favorite tracks on the album came in succession. I’m a bit confused on the production, left only being able to tell you guys that I had two totally different listening experiences going from monitors to headphones. That leaves me no choice but to say that not being universally consistent across the board is a negative aspect of Class President.

Young Chozen can be great when he really wants to be. While I do believe that this album was supposed to follow the layout that it did, I would encourage him to go deeper and push further to tap into a bit more substance. As a listener over twenty years old, it was a bit hard to get into some of these tracks. Chozen has a heart for Christ. That’s evident when he talks, but not as consistently evident when he raps and sings. I hope Chozen keeps working hard at this and progresses in sharing his love for God in his music.

As always, let’s lift Young Chozen up in prayer as we would pray for ourselves: to be led and guided into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ so that he is able to effectively spread the Gospel and help lead a generation in the admiration of the Lord.

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BONUS: Young Chozen - The Campaign Mixtape

Download the entire mixtape here

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Xist Music Signs N.F. To An Exclusive Agreement | News

Xist Music is proud to announce the signing of Michigan native artist Nate Feuerstein also known as N.F. to a recording contract. N.F. joins The Ambassador, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Andale, Jahaziel, Yaves, and Xist label president and vocalist, Sean Simmonds. “This kid is serious”, say T. Black CEO of Xist Music, “It’s very exciting to see the material he’s putting out.” Xist will produce an EP titled “I’M FREE” which is set to release 4/24/12. “We want the world to hear why we are so excited about N.F.” Sean Simmonds is so amped about N.F.’s debut project that he is featured on the song, Alone.

“I’m happy to now officially be a part of Xist Music. I look forward to working with them and standing by artist I’ve listened to long before I ever started my own thing.” Says N.F. N.F.’s real-life experiences are a catalyst that flows through every part of his music, and plays a huge role in the passion delivered in his musical expression.

N.F. has also secured an exclusive booking agreement with The Elite Agency, one of the premiere in the Christian Contemporary Music industry representing some of the biggest names in the genre.

N.F. heads out on The Amazed Tour II featuring Everyday Sunday, All Things New, and Grant Woell.

Tour Dates:

  • 3/16      Fulton -  NY
  • 3/17     Dolgeville - NY
  • 3/20     Hartford - CT
  • 3/21     Laurel – DL
  • 3/22     Philadelphia - PA
  • 3/23     Harrington - DL
  • 3/24     Mechanicsville - MD
  • 3/25     Arlington - VA
  • 3/25     Roanoke - VA
  • 3/27     Canton - OH
  • 3/28     Kokomo - IN
  • 3/29     Lansing - MI
  • 3/30-31 Marion - IN
  • 3/31     Warsaw - IN
  • 4/1    Indianapolis - IN

For more information on N.F. go to and to learn more Xist Music and it’s artists, go to Xist Music ( and for booking contact The Elite Agency (

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Aaron Coleman - I Realize | Album

Listen to the album below and you can download on iTunes here

Aaron Coleman - I Realize

Aaron is a psalmist/songwriter/producer/engineer. He started singing in the church at an early age but at 21 he fell from grace after giving into his own lustful desires. At the age of 27, he was touched by the Lord and decided to pick up his cross and follow Jesus. Aaron’s song-writing is a reflection of his personal testimony and each experience has allowed him to know Christ as not just a healer (healed from a dysfunctional heart) but also as a deliverer (delivered from alcoholism). His life is now dedicated to serving the Lord his redeemer. Aaron has come to realize that every good and perfect gift comes from above, so he uses his gift of song to share the gospel. Aaron says, “a gift from GOD is to be shared with others, so they might be blessed”.

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