mlndpalace tagged me to do the four selfie thing like last week (sorry)

victoriangays, lazarusisgogo, topjohnwatson, potentialflatmate, & anyone else who wants to (as long as ya tag me) – do the thing if you’re so inclined!

if u go through my doodle tag its mostly all ‘wtf is this. is this even by the same person? the art style keeps changing, and is rly inconsistant with the coloring style. pls make up ur mind’

Chelsey and I have an appointment to look at an apartment today! Hopefully all will go well and we’ll get it and be moving in sometime early next month. Then after settling in, I’ll be able to go back to my regular posting schedule. Until then, my queue will be filled with reblogs and some of my old posts.

I hope you’re all doing well, and a big welcome to all my newest followers!


I was tagged for a selfie thingy by clotpolesonly (♥) and because I couldn’t decide on one or two to post, I went for 4. Yup, it’s a selfie spam. 

  • The first one is the newest, it’s from my 21st birthday in January.
  • The second is from last November when my hair was still longer.
  • The third is me being an idiot. (feat. my dearest the-very-dark-one)
  • And the last is me taking a selfie with a weeping angel in Cardiff in September. :D

Tagging… um, do you guys even mind me tagging you in things? I’m never sure.

Haha, you know, because I’m clever I’m gonna tag my Tumblr Awards winners:

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You don’t have to do it of course! :)