McDonald’s reveals the new Hamburglar by exposing his dark past of heinous acts during his time in professional wrestling. He blew up Vince’s limo, kidnapped Samoa Joe & pushed Sid off the top turnbuckle. What a son of a bitch!

If you have any details on Hamburglar’s whereabouts, contact your newest McDonald’s & order as many burgers as you can.

I have never cried so much on markiplier‘s newest video.

Just hearing how much people are suffering and that Mark’s videos always help them out and that this community helps each other out… It just amazes me.

Because of this too, I am happy to be here with you guys, I am happy to be a fan of Markiplier, I am so grateful that all of you guys enjoy my artwork as well. 

And the fact that Markiplier noticed some of my artwork as well… I wasn’t lying when I said I was crying that Mark tweeted one of my Markigem pictures … the fact that I always, always put myself down, every time I hate and dislike my artwork, just seeing Mark liking them, makes me feel more confident about my artwork.

It made my day so, so much better, and I just couldn’t believe that someone so popular, would even think 2 seconds to like my artwork and tweeted about it. 

Guys, I am extremely happy to be in this community, and I am so happy that I have made new friends in this community as well. 

I have my own sad story to tell, but that could wait.

For now, I just want to thank you guys, for everything. I love all of you. Thank you.

-Kira (bunny-virus)

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constant anxiety

my house got broken into last Friday night. while I was out of town and my husband was at our restaurant. all three dogs were home and our newest (Coco) got out. Ryan found her on the road with two guys who grabbed her.
the whole house was destroyed. I mean a total fucking wreck.
it was absolutely someone close to us because of all the details involved. the cops literally did nothing. we finally got them to finger print and of course the perps wore gloves.
anyway, I’m now in constant fear and don’t want to be at my house alone and don’t want to leave my babes there alone and have had anxiety since the whole thing happened.

excuse me if I’m wrong on this, it’s just a thought that slipped into my mind when I saw the cover of Rainbow Rowell’s newest novel; Carry On.

I have read Fangirl, so I know where this story originated from, and I was actually kind of excited for it because of reading about it in Fangirl, but then(like I said previously) this thought crossed my mind: isn’t this queerbaiting? like, this book is just going to be queerbaiting, isn’t it? 

you even get that vibe from what Rainbow Rowell said regarding the cover of the novel.

“Also, I liked that even though this cover isn’t obviously romantic, there’s a really strong NOW KISS vibe.”

I would just really like some thought on this?
honestly, I could be reading too much into it u w u

MY QUESTION WAS ANSWERED, and I am once again super hella excited for this book. T U T

dont be ugly like dont try and become a cheese connoisseur imo itll be ur newest and ugliest quality …