newenglandbornandbred said:

Hi! ! First off, I just have to say I admire your motivation to keeping fit; its amazing. But second, your pictures are absolutely stunning, you have gorgeous eyes & such a clear complexion! How do you keep your skin so clear?

Aww thank you! :) I honestly don’t do anything with my skin! I guess I am blessed that my face is clear because I have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms/shoulders/back. xo

newenglandbornandbred said:

Hi! Oh my goodness, just had to tell you I absolutely adore your blog! & the colors you use throughout your theme & banner- oh my gosh, I love them! [:

Thank you so much!!! I somehow figured out how to take colors out of a picture, and used the colors from the Chiquita Bonita Lilly print! You have an awesome blog, too!!!!!