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Issa Rae.

Issa Rae, undiscovered beauty and up-and-coming ingenue of her own (Mis)Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, explains why how her quest to diversify comedy has her now known as the “Black Liz Lemon.” Now on a fast-moving trajectory beyond internet stardom, she gives us a peek into why being and black and awkward are no longer mutually exclusive. After getting to know Issa better, we predict being awkward will soon be all the rage.

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Kay Cola.

Love & Music.

Kay Cola, singer and songwriter, reveals more than meets the eye: her love of music and her love of family. There’s a maturity to her words without being sexual. Kay’s power comes from the conviction in her words.  She is a modest hard-worker who is passionate about music and family. She holds traditional “down home” values and is candidly honest, two qualities one is hard-pressed to find in the City of Angels.

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