OMG you guys super special news Exhibitor registrations for Minicomicon are open and if you’ll be in Brisbane on the 28th with some minicomics you should totally apply, it’s going to be awesome! Plus it’s a refundable table fee, so as long as you show up on the day it’s free!

Apply here!

I’ll also be at the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle this week, WOOO! I’m on a panel on Friday (4pm) called Fucking while Feminist which is pretty great considering it’s a topic reasonably close to my heart. I’ll also be at the TiNA Zine Fair on Sunday, with Seven, all my minicomics and the new I’ll Wear My Top Hat and Monocle Vasiliy Fet fanzine!

So come by and see me, yeah?!

Shout out to Big Dog because when my Grandparents were in Turkey this year after spending seven+ hours visiting mosques my Da got on the bus and exclaimed “I THINK IT’S BIG DOG TIME!” and a lady in front of them turned around and was like “WHERE ARE YOU FROM????!!!! NEWCASTLE??!!!” and it turns out in Istanbul, approx. 14,936 km away from home they encountered another friendly Novocastrian, Big Dog loving couple.


Georgia Hill is a full-time Illustrator and Artist, specialising in hand-drawn type-based artworks. She’s originally from Newcastle, a beachside town a few hours away from Sydney, Australia . “I’ve been based in Sydney, Berlin, and back to Sydney again, with my sights now set on New York!” She graduated from UTS: University of Technology, Sydney after four years of studying Visual Communications. “Through that time though I’ve always been drawing and painting, so even though I didn’t end up a Graphic Designer it’s been so useful to have a logical understanding of agencies and studios that comes from my uni days.”

Her work is basically hand-drawn, type-based artworks that can vary in scale, medium, use and direction. Her aim in developing her work is to have her own distinct style while also being able to move into different disciplines, however the majority of her work is pen and ink on paper.

“Many things influence me!” She looks quite closely at Photography and Fashion editorials, Architecture (especially Art Deco style structures), along with classical and contemporary lettering and Art forms, especially graffiti and street art styles. “I also love to take the time to read and break down language in different ways, whether it’s just drawing words in a not-so-linear structure, to word play like beat poetry and hip-hop lyrics. So it all comes down to a lot of looking, writing, ink and time.”

She’s recently finished a great collaboration with Penguin Books in the UK, and she is also working on some really interesting lettering projects with Australian, American and German-based clients. “Ideally I’ll slow down a little on the client work soon and get into some more Art works and Textiles, which is my next experimental work / plan. And then it should be summer!”

Full online portfolio: / Blog: / Behance / Instagram: @georgiahillbth