Saint Francis of Assisi on the Mountain of La Verna 

According to the Catholic faith, in 1224 on the mountain of La Verna in Italy, Saint Francis of Assisi miraculously received wounds resembling those of the crucified Jesus (known as the stigmata). This seventeenth-century work about this holy site includes engraved plates based on drawings by Florentine artist Jacopo Ligozzi. This illustration shown above, created by Lino Moroni in 1612, displays moveable flaps that are mounted as part of the design!

This illustration is a part of the Newberry’s digital exhibit that can be viewed by clicking: Treasures of Faith: Twenty Years of Acquisitions.

Newberry is hopeful that Kieren’s struggle and discovery of inner strength will make him a relatable lead character for viewers who might feel under-represented. “It does bring up really important issues that need to be talked about, like teenage suicide and anxiety. Kieren is an incredibly anxious guy, and In The Flesh talks about anxiety in a way that I don’t think many things do. Anxiety’s not spoken about, it’s sort of ignored, I think. Hopefully Kieren will be a voice for those people, that’s my hope.”