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I Love Lucy, Mork & Mindy & Bugs Bunny gave these comedians big laughs

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VIDEO: Comedy Central Stars On The First TV Show That Made Them Laugh

Yahoo TV caught up with the stars of Comedy Central at PaleyFest to ask them what TV show first made them laugh. Watch the video to see what Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Andy Daly, Anders Holm, Kyle Newacheck and Nick Kroll had to say.

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Best Workaholics Episodes of All Motherfucking Time

I’d like to expand on each of these but I have a life. Just watch them. 

Interesting fact (and perhaps no coincidence): Kyle Newacheck, who plays Karl, directed 1-6 on this list. The guy is brilliant.

1. Straight Up Juggahos s01e07 (Highlight that makes me laugh every time: “This one’s for Dad.”)

2. Dry Guys s02e02

3. Stop! Pajama Time, s02e06

4. The Business Trip, s03e01

5. Alice Quits, s03e13

6. Fourth and Inches, s03e14

7. Snackers, s04e03


The Stereophones - Astronaut (by The Stereophones)


Ethan, who is the last human on earth, is searching for the truth to an alien invasion that wiped out everything he knew.

Ethan - Radek Antczak
Young Ethan - Henry Koplan
Ethan’s Father - Adam Newacheck
Alien’s Voice - Owen Newacheck

Adam Newacheck - Producer/Director/Writer/DP/Editor
Kyle Newacheck - Producer/Audio
Haley Newacheck - Producer/Art Director
Brendin Brown - Grip
Holly Kenney - Hair/Make-up