“Why can’t you share your culture?”

I can and I do, but, only with people who can respect the protocols and rules of my culture.

I remember previously saying that culture is not meant to be shared, and I realize that’s not the case; well, to an extent ofc. 

I don’t mind sharing; I enjoy showing off my culture to others.

But it doesn’t mean that I’m giving others outside of my culture free reign to take and do what they will with it. No, that’s not what I mean.

When I say sharing I mean taking part or doing things from(Kapa Haka, Mau rakau, tamoko etc.) my culture with the authority and guidance from someone who practice and majors in that tradition.

for an example:

You wanna join in Kapa Haka? Cool, is it with someone who is Maori and has done Kapa Haka or has a considerable amount of knowledge of Kapa Haka and the rules? If so then just heed the guidelines and have fun…
However, if the person tutoring the group does not meet any (the tutor being Maori is a big deal to me) of the mentioned requirements then no, no you can’t participate. Don’t touch it. Leave it alone.

 So sharing my culture is fun but only if it’s being taken care of properly.

acidqueen-ofonlyeighteen asked:

Coke is 350 a gram in New Zealand?! Holy shit! That's insane!

Yaaaa it bullshit tbh, I hardly ever bother with kiwi coke it’s shit quality I wait till I’m overseas, but the meth Is king quality😈 but far more expensive😣

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hi so on the post about ur high waisted jeans u can fit ur phone in- where'd u get them? (I've been looking forever for high waisted jeans & im curious)

if you’re not in new zealand you’re probs shit outta luck pal BUT i got them from either jayjays or farmers (i went to both places and i can’t remember which????) a couple weeks ago

I don’t know how many of you heard about the incident yesterday, but I was actually one block away from where the police shot that guy in Thames!

I was in Thames for a funeral and some of our family were having trouble getting through Kopu on their way home from the wake. We just heard that there were heaps of cop cars and men with guns but didn’t know what was going on, which was worrying, and when my mum and I left the house we saw a couple of police cars at the end of the road before we turned off to get dinner. The gunshot had probably been only a couple of minutes earlier.

Then this morning, on our way home, we saw a site in Kopu blocked off with police cars outside it, and my sister and I saw a guy in white holding a gun. That was scary-exciting. Sure we were in the car driving on the opposite side of the road, but I’d never seen a gun before. You just don’t see guns in New Zealand, unless they’re for shooting ducks.

Out of context

“You can’t bring New Zealand shit tomatoes into the US unless you burn it.”