New York police chief defends cops caught on video making false arrest without having watched the video

That’s enough to watch the video to see what happened. They played basketball, just playing basketball …

The incident captured on camera Monday, shows Brockport police officers approaching Bertino and his friends asking them to leave the park. Clearly annoyed at the situation, the teen begrudgingly began walking away from the situation when officer Richard Cranston attempted to grab him.

After attaining a copy of the police report, Bertino’s father spoke in defense of his son.

“The arresting officers lied on the police report saying my son threatened the officer and cursed  at the officer. In the unedited video, you can plainly hear he never cursed at the officer” 

Without having even seen the video, Brockport Police Chief Daniel Varrenti, defended the actions of the officers when he spoke with local news outlet WROC.

When we got the video, there is some hope that there will be justice. A faint hope, but still it is. Even when the police chief does not want to accept it.

We must give enough public attention to this case! We need to let them know that the American community is closely monitoring this process.


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