New York Daily News Building, NYC, New York City
by Berenice Abbott

NYDN Building in 1935.

From "Changing New York: Photographs by Berenice Abbott, 1935-1938," available through the NY Public Library Digital Gallery. I have the book of the same name.

Collection, which I’ll be mining for photos coming up, includes:

Hundreds of black and white photographs by Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) from her Changing New York Works Progress Administration/ Federal Art Project. The Library’s collection holds about 80% of the project’s 302 images; this presentation includes variant and discarded images, plus other work Abbott produced as a project employee.

Detail of this photo:

Daily News Building, 42nd Street between Second and Third Avenues, Manhattan. (November 21, 1935) 

A roundup of human remains in the news: Forensic anthropology, archaeology, and some strange stuff

Forensic Anthropology and Forensic Science in the News

Human remains found in Utah identified as woman missing since 1983

After 32 years, a Utah woman’s missing person’s report has closed — but is now a possible murder case.  Read more at the New York Daily News.

Dundee University building on reputation with new courses in forensic art

Detailed facial reconstructions of figures such as Richard III, Johann Sebastian Bach and Robert Burns have brought acclaim to Dundee University academics. Read more at The Courier.

Mummified Bodies Found on Mexico’s Highest Peak

Two mummified bodies found on Mexico’s highest peak appear to be embracing each other and their discovery could put an end to the mystery of climbers who vanished after an avalanche in 1959, officials said.   Read more at Discovery News.

What Your Bones Have in Common With the Eiffel Tower (via @DrKillgrove)

To modern eyes, the tower’s shape is elegant and graceful, perhaps even timeless. But to contemporary critics it was a monstrosity. The tower represented a new kind of aesthetic, and it took people a while to appreciate this. Eiffel was going after a deeper kind of beauty, a kind that wasn’t just skin deep. His notion of beauty had to do with economy and structural efficiency, with achieving the greatest strength with the least possible material. It had to do with seeing pure, efficient, well-engineered structures as works of art.  Read more at Wired.

Archaeology in the News

Researchers may have found the elusive tomb of Miguel de Cervantes

A multidisciplinary team of researchers, including forensic anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians, announced this week that they believe they have found the skeletal remains of Miguel de Cervantes and his wife, Catalina de Salazar.  Read more at Strange Remains.

The race to save the decaying Chinchorro mummies

The doll-like mummies of the Chinchurro culture are the oldest mummies in the world but have started to decompose at an alarming rate in the last ten years. Museum officials at the University of Tarapacá’s San Miguel de Azapa Museum in Arica, Chile found that the 120 mummies in their collection were starting to decay and their mummified tissue was turning “black and gooey.” The museum rushed to find out why the remains were decaying and figure out how to prevent further damage. Read more at Strange Remains.

Another Tomb Discovered at Al-Qurna

CAIRO, EGYPT—Another 18th Dynasty tomb has been discovered by archaeologists from the American Research Center in Egypt at Al-Qurna in Luxor.  Read more at Archaeology.

DNA analysis traces African slaves back to their roots

To better understand the complex history of slavery, it helps to know more about the origins of millions of individuals who were shipped from their homes in Africa to plantations in the Caribbean, South America and the United States. Read more at CBS News.

London rail work unearths thousands of skeletons from Bedlam

They came from every parish of London, and from all walks of life, and ended up in a burial ground called Bedlam. Now scientists hope their centuries-old skeletons can reveal new information about how long-ago Londoners lived—and about the bubonic plague that often killed them.  Read more at

Medieval monastic bones in Ipswich could aid arthritis research (via @DrKillgrove)

Human bones from 500-year-old monastic cemeteries in Ipswich could be used to aid modern-day research into arthritis.  Read more at BBC.

Strange News

Utah cops swear mysterious voice crying for help led them to unconscious toddler in submerged car

Man Loses 'Beloved Home' in NYC Explosion, Fire - ABC News

ABC News

Man Loses ‘Beloved Home’ in NYC Explosion, Fire
ABC News
A New Yorker feels lucky to be alive after a fire and explosion destroyed his “beloved home of two years” in New York’s East Village Thursday afternoon. Parker Voss considers himself lucky he wasn’t at home when the blaze and building collapse ruined …
Drea De Matteo, Sarah Hyland Share Heartbreaking Posts After East Village …International Business Times
Drea de Matteo’s apartment destroyed in NYC
Drea De Matteo loses home in NYC building explosionNew York Daily News
TheWrap (blog) -610kvnu
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Drea De Matteo loses home in NYC building explosion

Drea De Matteo loses home in NYC building explosion

Paul A. Hebert/Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP
Drea de Matteo misplaced her condo of twenty-two years in the East Village building explosion.

Todd Maisel/New York Daily News
Drea De Matteo’s condo building collapsed following the fuel leak explosion at Second Ave. and W. seventh St.

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Actress Drea De Matteo was amongst scores of New Yorkers left homeless after a fuel explosion…

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Not all NHL rebuilds are created equal — which one will the Toronto Maple Leafs choose?

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Rebuild. It has become the most popular — if not the most loaded — term in hockey today…Not all NHL rebuilds are created equal — which one will the Toronto Maple Leafs choose?

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