The way you look gives me butterflies in my stomach. The way you smile makes my heart melt in an instant. The way you laugh brings joy to my bones. The way you kiss makes my whole body shudder. The way you think makes my mind wander. And the way you love makes me wish more than ever that it was me you loved and not another.
—  The Way You Move Me | Nikita Gill

I wanted to be the one you never forgot about. I wrote you letters and I remember the time we wrote our names (on the sidewalk in chalk) beside each other like we wanted the whole world to know we were in love. I was the first one to say it- I told you that I loved you first and when I met your mother for the first time, and she sent you outside to grab her wallet from the car- she told me she liked the way I looked at you and I told her that I loved you and she told me that she knew it. I remember sitting in your mothers car, all three of us talking about the day we’d marry each other.

We never made it and when I see you on the street, you look the other way, cross the street to avoid me. You forgot about the time you spent loving me.

—  While I’m Still Trying // thewordsyouneverunderstood
And I realized how strong I have to be, how strong I need to be, to survive endless nights, without you.
—  I’ll get there somehow
- The Heart and the Headwaters

He smiled and sipped his coffee; he would need his energy as well as

His wits, for she was wild and woman and sassy and strong.

She embodied all things perfectly, everything he loved and craved

Summed up in one passionate and powerful woman.

She was the brightest and loveliest storm he had ever ridden,

The heart and the headwaters of all his poetry; he smiled.

Eric M. Petit

I’m paying my debts
but my gold is worth no more
than another one’s silver
and the only way to turn this around
is to possess the rich man’s gold
and the inherited diamonds

I’ve lost this game
before it even started
because no one taught me the rules
and now it’s too late

It always happens at 3 a.m. When all you can think about is how it use to be.

You remember how it felt to fall asleep, with the promises, and three words whispered in your ear.

You remember how when you were having that sad feeling, all you had to do was curl up on the coach with one of his t-shirts and forget.

You remember how his body felt against yours or how his lips felt when they brushed against yours again and again.

And then you remember how he would come home late with the smell of unknown perfume on his skin. Or how his lips always tasted slightly different then before. Even how when you moved together under the sheets he refused to look at you in the eye.

And at 3 a.m. you lose yourself yet again.

—  The Diary of a Forgotten Girl (__ queensconfessionsx__)
We lay there beside one another
Half asleep and exhausted with
My hand resting on your hip,
Your body curled to fit against mine,
My lips barely touching your jaw
As you sigh and I say
‘I know right?’
And you laugh a bit, turning your head
To press your lips against my lips
—  s.r. // candid shot

Some of us are born with forest fires in our hearts. We love only to burn and burn until there’s nothing left to kiss but charred ashes of the person that remains.

Some of us have year long hailstorms on our minds. Each falling piece of ice chipping away at our senses of humor and reasons for existence.

But maybe the most terrifying are those born with tornadoes in their chests. Those born with the need to carelessly throw caution into the wind only to be struck by it later, with the desire to bury people in words and poems in order to keep them safe.

And sometimes people are born as a sunrise. Beautiful, but only in fleeting moments to those with the intent to look.

And some people are nothing more or less then human
And that may be the most tragic of all.

—  Tragedies of Living (M.S.)