New lifegoal: attend a performance of this song so I can do the jumps.

(Lookit those adorable Eggs jumping on stage while the veterans are too tired for this shit beyond fist-pumps. Or, in Risako’s case, not dressed for it.)

Still think Miyabi’s 2005 cover is definitive, but hey, a Momo cover seems mandatory, what with the Ayaya spiritual successor and the Momo connection, and tbh I’m not sure Miyabi could do it justice in recent years.

My new lifegoal is buying myself a pocketwatch.
Also I might also randomly post OC stuff and tag it with ’#ocs’. It might be legit anything so prepare your pants or blacklist while you can.

After all the preparation and hard work of everyone involved. We spent the day venturing round London with our speech bubbles spreading the word and now is officially live…Check it out!! 
Cannot believe it has finally happened. So proud to say I am part of the team!