I just want to travel around the world and be blissfully happy. Truly happy. I want to discover cute bookstores, drink tea in hidden cafes, listen to the rain fall while reading a book in some country that I don’t know, make new friends whom help me go on amazing adventures, live in a cottage somewhere near a river, explore castles, learn about the history hidden deep within the beauty all around me, and listen to people’s beautiful and dark life stories. I just want to live. I want to see and do everything that is out there. That’s my goal; To be deeply and utterly in love with life.

Edit by @hooliganslove ~ Bruhh i’ve got a new lifegoal😍😍 ~ I want to fly to Honolulu😍😍 ~ The first cause is cause it’s Brunos hometown and the second one cause it’s so beautiful there😍😍😍 ~ I’ve got a long list with things i want to do before i’m turning 35 ~ My sisters are telling me i could never reach ir but in 20 years i’m going to be there like “Look at my list. i did everything i wanted to do bitch😂😂” ~ @brunomars #brunomars #lifegoals by Instagram User: official.brunomars.fanpage May 17, 20