What Is Chemical Evolution? 

And how is it different than biological evolution? Cool new video from Stated Clearly about how our knowledge of natural selection in nature is making amazing things possible inside chemistry labs, and what that might mean for the origin of life on Earth.

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Final evolution of Froakie, the evolution of Helioptile and the pre-evolution for both gender of Meowstic.

I don’t really care frankly if those are fakes or my tryout are really far away from what will be revealed, I jut had fun it with. And honestly, I believe this person… Seems just so much legit. Oh well, I had fun with these that’s the most important! :D Sorry guys!

“Ya, I’m into this new thing called Evolution, yaaaa…you’ve probably never heard of it…it’s pretty underground.”

New Pokemon Evolutions (fan-made)

So, most of my followers are probably unaware of this, but I have a YouTube channel where I used to upload a lot of videos on a regular basis. I got somewhat popular with the idea of creating fan-made (sometimes requested) New Pokémon Evolutions and I ended up making two videos where I collectively drew some of them (if you would like a more clear idea of what I’m talking, here is a link to both videos but PLEAAAASE be warned that I was not as talented as I am today nor was I that creative NOR was the quality of the video good. With that said and if you are still interested in seeing what I’m talking about, here they are: Part 1 and Part 2).

A while ago I came across these two drawings and I got really nostalgic over them and even though they weren’t that great, I really REALLY enjoyed them! I don’t know really, maybe it was just the whole idea of gathering all my “creations” and displaying them all together. And, in a way, it made me sad to see that only a few had made the cut, that some of my other Pokemon evolutions would never get this special treatment and would end up forgotten somewhere on YouTube. So I decided that I would do a part Three. The problem was that most of the “cool”, interesting and popular “new evolutions” had already been drawn. I wasn’t left with a lot of choice but these 5 ones, even thought they were nowhere close to being creative or even well designed/drawn, they felt like a step in the right direction (within the context of the time in which they were drawn) and for some reason or another, stand in a special place in my heart.

So there you have it! (By the way, the video links are here only for comparison value, not really for enjoyment, because they aren’t that great)

- Eevee’s Rock Type Evolution 

- Gliscor’s New Evolution 

- Sharpedo’s New Evolution 

- Quagsire’s New Evolution

- Carnivine’s New Evolution

I’m so doomed

Somone, take Internet away from me now…

I was looking for some Malec fics and found City of Shadows on  AO3. It has Jimon in pairings so I left it for later… Bc why ship Simon with Jace? There is canon relationship with Clary and I usuall don’t like breaking canon pairings.


How could i not see earlier that they are made for each other????   

“A major Pokemon X and Y Pokedex leak has been unveiled by an anonymous Pokemon leaker, and it illuminates many aspects of the upcoming 3DS release, including the starters evolutions.

Regarding the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, the leaker on Pokejungle states the following regarding the starters evolutions.

–Chespin will evolve into Shinnut at level 18 and Chinken at level 36, which is a Grass/Dark dual-type. This evolution gains more armor and lengthy spikes, and is high on defense like Blastoise.

–Fennekin will evolve into Kinduples at 18 and Feuensis at 36, a Fire/Psychic powerhouse that has a necklace made up of will-o’-wisps.

–Froakie will evolve into Ribburai at 18 and Crokssin at 36, a Water/Fighting dual-type that becomes fast like a ninja.

–In addition to these starters evolutions, the Pokedex leak also confirms that already introduced Fletchling and Talonflame will had another evolution called Scorchawk at level 30.

–Clauncher will evolve into Cannoclaw, a Water/Electric dual-type.

–Swirlix and Spritzee both evolve using the Moon Stone.

–Litleo evolves into Blazic at 15 and Mantiroar at 32, and is surprisingly, a Fire/Poison dual-type, which I believe is a first.

And other Pokemon X and Y Pokedex tidbits…

–There is reportedly a three-stage dolphin line of Water/Psychic Pokemon.

–A fire ant that is Bug/Fire will have two evolutions.

–There is a Minotaur that is Fairy/Fighting with high Attack stat.

–The much discussed but not yet seen Orot is a Grass/Ghost Pokemon, as speculated by many.

So there you have it. As always, these leaks are unofficial, but given the amount of knowledge known by the source of the leak, these Pokemon X and Y Pokedex information could very well be true.”


Humans and Monkeys (Part 1 of 3): Prosimians and Simians

Back early in our education if you remember, we were taught that humans evolved from monkeys or apes and that they were our closest ancestors. Yet, that was about all we were taught, but really there’s a lot more to it! In this series of 3 posts, we’re going to explore in detail just how this happened.

First came the lower primates, which are known as the Prosimians. The Prosimians can be divided into two groups, the Strepsirrhines and the Haplorrhines. The Strepsirrhines are named due to their ‘curly’ nostrils on their straight snouts. Strepsirrhines have wet noses as they are connected to their upper lip and gum. Examples today of Strepsirrhines include Lemurs (picture 1) and Bush Babies. The Haplorrhines, however, have dry noses as they are not connected to their gums. Haplorrhine eye sockets are also slightly different to strepsirrhines’ as bones completely enclose their eye socket. An example of a Haplorrhine is the Tarsier which evolved in 58 million years ago.

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Interestingly, the team seems to be split into factions that put people in places you wouldn’t expect: Bobbi and Mack and Gonzales are on the Inhuman side, and the rest of Coulson’s team is on the S.H.I.E.L.D. side.

JEFF BELL: I think for us, it was looking at who has behaved as antagonist to Coulson and who has not. Not bad guys, not evil, not villainous—but who has been forced to be an antagonist? And we split it that way, with Skye splitting the difference.

After seeing those terrigan crystals that Jiaying used on Gonzales in “Scars,” can we assume that they’re important in the finale, given that Skye is pictured with them?

JEFF BELL: That’s…an interesting assumption. [laughs]

(Bell, about the new 2x22 Art of Evolution)

Hellfire Ward? Helfire Ward.