For those wondering what hip dips are, these are what they are.
Everyone who has them seems to want rid of them. Everyone who doesn’t have them, wants them.
Hip dips aren’t a reflection of your weight. Some people get them for carrying ‘extra’ weight on their hips, some people get them for having a 'lack’ of weight on their hips. Some people, like me, just have them. If I gained weight, they’d probably be exaggerated, if I lost weight then I’d probably end up looking like a box (nothing wrong with boxes, just not what I want.
I don’t think they’re particularly desirable or undesirable, they’re just there. EMBRACE YOUR CURVES, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO IN OR OUT!

Move Over Planking....THERE'S A NEW CRAZE NOW!


I was waiting for some DUMB ASS to invent another DUMB ASS thing to do….and I was NOT disappointed. The new craze is “OWLING.”

Again, I don’t participate in buffoonery but I will talk about the dumb asses that do it. Thank you sister for making me aware of this nonesense…although I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting a picture of your dumb ass doing it as well….

These are all white people for now….give it about a month for little n*gglets to take it over ……





Is anyone else scared that idiots are consuming the world….or is it just me???


Have you heard about the bloft?



if you’re in nj, join the ww-p high school south planking team.