Fall for your heart, wait for the dark - Intro

Though I cannot see
I can hear her smile as she sings - Arrival in Nara

Love, love is the warmest colour
Petrol blues, hallelujah, hallelujah - Nara

I want to be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you

Devour me
If you really think that you can stomach me - Every other freckle

Ain’t shady baby
I’m hot like the prodigal son - Left hand free

Your choice kingdom
Our voice crowns men
Our choice kingdom - Choice Kingdom

Encased in case I need it
In my stomach, for my heart
Chain mail - Hunger of the pine

I tie my life to your balloon and let it go - Warm foothills

Tetris, tile seeking
Somewhere, oh somewhere, to fit in
Alien - The gospel of John Hurt

So abundant are we, left alone I shall be
But a waited phone never rings - Pusher

Razor blades on a melted toothbrush
Slash, slash. Assassin de la police - Bloodflood Pt. II

Bovay, Alabama
I’ll bury my hands deep
Into the mane of my lover - Leaving Nara

Alt J - This is all yours

New York City Geography: As Misunderstood Because of a Musical

My first visit to New York City didn’t occur until I was fifteen years old. However, I’d learned a great deal about New York City from television, movies, and the musical, Hello, Dolly! (Or, ummm, so I thought.) 

I first learned the words to the songs from Hello, Dolly! when I was about six-years-old and could play the score on the piano by the time I was ten. (How my family missed this rather obvious clue that my future would include a husband, rather than a wife, is beyond me.) Anyhoo, upon my first visit to NYC, I realized my love for Hello, Dolly! , although indicative of a wonderful taste in Broadway musicals, had left me very confused about New York geography. In the musical, Yonkers is heavily featured because it’s the home for several of the main characters.

In one particular song, Yonkers is described as a “hick town”. Additionally, in that same song, Cornelius and Barnaby decide to sneak off to visit New York City, using the train to get there. From the “hick town” description and the use of the train, I thought the distance from Yonkers to New York City was hundreds of miles. So, imagine my shock and dismay when I visited Manhattan for the first time and learned that Yonkers is only about 12 or so miles away.

Musicals have rarely led me astray but in this one instance, they had me totally confused about New York geography. 

do you ever get the urge to rest your face in between misha’s pecs and hibernate there for the whole winter

anonymous said:

all that tribal elder talk its so disrepectful for you to take native american culture like that


you mean the convo i had with one of my coworkers

where i work

on the reservation

with lakota teachers

one of whom (well three of whom actually)

are actual tribal elders

that ‘tribal elder talk’?

He is out there somewhere
frantically turning pages
trying to find the wavelength
trying to find the frequency
trying so hard, trying so dearly
to tune in to your silent heart.

He is out there somewhere
ready to pull down the sun
in the midst of night,
ready to reach for the moon
in the midst of day
ready to give you the stars
ready to give you the skies.

He is out there somewhere
so reach out my dear, reach out.

the worst thing about today was having to endure robert singer’s face casually appearing on my dash several times

((the best thing was that i bought these super cute skinny jeans that look fabulous and were so expensive that i have no idea how the fuck im going to pay for them but right now i dont care))

also im starting to believe that SPN was actually one huge social experiment in which a thing was made that so many people would love for several years or so, and then it would be gradually turned into their worst nightmare, and there are scientists behind the scenes gauging what new things can be done to test the endurance of their watchers, and to see how far is their audience willing to go before they get 100% fed up with it and we’re all just their free-of-charge guinea pigs.

i believe they have whiteboards full of infographic stuff and numbers and pie charts and they get together for martinis on wednesday nights to laugh at our ingenuity and plan our next torment.

  • Scully:You're the only one I would put myself on the line for Mulder
  • Mulder:Sweet tea Scully?
  • Scully:I should know by now to trust your instincts. I've always held science as sacred but now I don't know what to believe
  • Mulder:Well no one else trusts my instincts why would you hahaha cryptic line about next scene
  • ---
  • Mulder:I love you Scully
  • Scully:You're delusional honey, get some sleep