new years nail art

Icicle tips with a buttload of rhinestones (which were from the Born Pretty Store).

Polishes I used:

“I Can Azure You It’s Fall (H)” by Jior Couture (pictured)
“White On” by Sally Hansen
“Big Teal” by Sally Hansen

Base coat: American Classics Yellow Stopper
Top coat: Seche Vite

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU by f-4bulous featuring round jars ❤ liked on Polyvore

V neck crop top / 윈도우 체크 코트 / Madewell floral mini skirt / Dr. Martens black chunky sandals, $105 / Rucksack bag / MARC BY MARC JACOBS analog wrist watch, $205 / Kelly Wearstler gold tone necklace / Bracelet jewelry / BLACK eyewear / Hair accessory, $2.50 / Aesop makeup remover, $53 / Comodynes beauty product / Nails Inc nails inc nail polish, $18 / Frette white blanket / Lux Art Silks green home decor / Round jar