Steps for creating and running a tumblr poetry blog:

1. Create poetry.

2. Create tumblr blog.

3. Post only your poetry.

4. Run out of your own poetry to post.

5. Post inane babble on your mundane existence. 

6. Create more poetry. Post that.

7. Run out of poetry again.

8. Start reblogging other people’s poetry.

9. Create more poetry. Post your poetry and other people’s poetry.

10. Run out of poetry. Respond publicly to asks.

11. Post some photos. Make sure to use photography tag.

12. Fuck it. Try some prose.

13. Take a break. Think about deactivating.

14. Ah hell, no. Do you have any idea how long it took to get 100 followers? MONTHS!

15. Give in. Post gifs.

16. Post occasional original poetry mixed in with reblogs of others’ poetry, some original photography, other people’s non-poetry or non-photography posts.

17. Write ekphrasis of cat with glasses gif.

18. Play Russian roulette with an empty revolver.

19. Try writing poetry. Can’t, too much shit going on.

20. Give up. Create list for creating and running a tumblr poetry blog.

21. Forget to put in other steps like “making friends with other delusional people with poetry blogs”. Edit later without telling anyone because you were too lazy to edit it the first time.

22. Go get tacos for lunch.

You’ve always meant something to me but I’ve always been to scared to let you know it. I love you so much and sometimes I get angry that I can’t make you feel any better. I know things are hard and I want you to know that it’s okay if you don’t always get things right. I will love you even then, so you don’t need to apologize for who you are, ever. I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything, or the world anything. You’re great, and I know that you’ll make it. I’m going to be right here, for whenever you need me. I might not always have the right words for you, or the kind of comfort you need but I promise I will try. I think a part of me is in love with you, I think the other part is too scared to admit it.
—  I Think I’ve Loved You From The Start // thewordsyouneverunderstood

he has razor blades for hands,
and loves to touch things that he shouldn’t.

you are a disaster hiding behind paper skin,
and you are entirely in love with him.

you will drop parts of yourself between his lips
and watch him swallow you whole.
you will find cigarette burns where his fingers held you
and he will call them beautiful.
and you will wake up one morning and touch your chest
and it will be empty.

he will chew your heart right out of you
and call it

—  A Story A Day #11 by r.b
The square root of all your problems is her.

History often repeats itself
x loves z
x loves h
x loves j
The spiral continues.
We give so much in the pursuit of wholeness,
That one person can complete us.

The key
The other part of our soul.
But that’s fallacy!
And you are whole without her, boy,
You were whole before her,
And this time you are going to rewrite history.

I’m the dragon who burns everything by trying to love.
You can be the princess, or just the other half to this scorched story.
My passionate flame left everything in shambles,
And I can’t see through the acid in my tears.
I’m the dragon.
All fiery, white-hot affection.
Waiting for the innocent, waiting to be damned.
I am the dragon, never feeling the love in return.
I am the dragon,
And no matter how hard the dragon tries,
In the end, the dragon never wins.

Annika W. “I Am the Dragon”

Was reading some of Siken’s poetry today and found so much inspiration in his words.

I know it still hurts but I know that I don’t have to worry about you anymore. You suffocated me. I was never enough for you and God, I know I could never be no matter how hard I tried. I’m sorry for leaving the way I did, but know that it wasn’t out of lack of love. I loved you with everything I had, in fact, after all this time, I still love you but still, I am not meant for you. We are not meant to be together and I know we never will be. I try not to think about it too much. I heard you’ve found another and I want to say I’m happy but I don’t know what I feel when I hear that you’re better without me. It makes me feel so small to think that I loved you so much that it’s never going to go away. What do I do with the love I still have for you?
—  What do I do ? // thewordsyouneverunderstood
My mind is eating me away
Even though my eyes are closed
I see my life fading away.
My body rots
In my skin and I’m drowning
In this flooded life I live
Full of
Doubts and broken dreams.
Who am I?
Someone get me out of my mind
Before I kill what’s left of me.
—  Please protect me from myself

You said seven things I should’ve paid more attention to.

1. ‘Somedays, I love you. On other days, I love us more.’

2. ‘Maybe we should get separate blankets. I don’t like you using so much.’

3. ‘Why didn’t you make me breakfast? I made it for you yesterday.’

4. ‘I think you should throw your favourite shirt out. The blue one. It washes my tan out when you stand next to me in it.’

5. ‘If you stop talking to him, I’ll love you more.’

6. ‘You have to pay for the new wallpaper. You bought the house. I’m just staying here.’

7. ‘No, the rain won’t go away. Stop singing the stupid song.’

—  Seven is the magic number | athelasss

I always think of you.
And I think about that time we walked between tall grass and told each other the only three star facts we knew.
Because I was trying to be fascinating, I wanted you to think I was someone you could take a long road trip with and never get bored.
So I told you theories about the universe and instead of falling in love with each other, we fell in love with stars. We romanticized black holes and saw our futures lying in the milky way.

I think about you and that time we looked at things people outgrew.

Scarves no one wanted, pictures they forgot they took.
We spent a half hour rummaging among books. We never pictured holding these first editions in our hands. I wanted to hold your hand instead of Dracula, I wanted to feel your thumb tracing circles. But that night I settled for the rough pages and splattered ink.

And when I think of you, I remember sitting across the table from you, finding it hard to talk.
Discussing yogurt flavors instead making a conversation. And I remember walking inside the door that night, wondering why I had gone out in the first place.

Someday, I’ll hardly ever think of you. I’ll forget what color your eyes are, how calm your voice is when we argue. I won’t remember the time we snuck into movies, wasting hours on films we’d never have seen otherwise. You’ll forget that my hair smells like freshly cut roses because I always use too much shampoo. And it won’t matter that we kissed or that we spent Friday nights drunk off of songs because we will have forgotten what it was like to breathe in lyrics and breathe out our fears. And it won’t matter because someday I’ll have forgotten you. Your leftover books will no longer live in my closet and your name won’t take up space in my heart.

—  Like Dogs  (M.S.)
i want to take you away.

i want to take you away
somewhere where
the stars will sing
for you
and the breeze is gentle
and your hand won’t be so cold
from all the things
you’re too afraid of

i want to take you away
somewhere where
your dreams don’t sound
like slamming doors and 
unfinished business
and you can smile
without looking behind you
every three seconds

i want to take you away
somewhere where
i can wrap you up
in blankets
and we’ll whisper
about harmless things
as i watch the darkness
in your eyes dissipate

i want to take you away
from this cruel cruel world
somewhere where
you and i
can stay like this

i. if I press my face hard enough into my pillow, it somehow still smells like you.

ii. Your head hasn’t been on this in pillow in months. It doesn’t smell like you, it smells like nostalgia.

iii. The pumpkin smells like your mouth, the leaves sound like your laughter, the cold is settling between my fingers, an ache of where your hands used to rest.

iv. autumn has always been my favorite season. I always fall in love with the way the trees sway in the chill. My bones are always aching for another cup of hot cocoa, that ten pm cup of coffee.

v. autumn smells like you.

vi. it smells like you. Can’t I have anything you didn’t take away from me?

Friday Night

This Friday night,
I plan on losing myself…

Taking shots,
For the pain my heart feels,
As emotional bullets drills,
Throught it…

I will also attempt,
To lift,
My soul,

A Higher Power,
Told me,
“That every little thing,
Is gonna be alright”,
So at the start of
Friday night,
I’ll smile…

And once the night ends,
I’ll smile…

I have to start smiling more…