Welcome back to Supernaturalcelebrities, quick recap from last week: 5SOS are Supernatural creatures and Michael is a Vampire.

This week, we are focusing on Calum -the Werewolf- Hood.

Have you ever asked yourself why Calum always enjoys the company of dogs more and vice versa.

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New Moon New Beginning

A simple and easy ritual for the New Moon which starts tonight into tomorrow.


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A jar
  • Water (clean drinking water)
  • A candle
  • If you are a diviner I’d also say pick something to bring with you (such as tarot cards, runes, a book, a music player…)


  1. Go outside tonight and try to find a spot to sit under the moon. If you cannot go outside a window will suffice. 
  2. Get everything out that you’re unhappy with, though try to focus mostly on yourself and your bad habits or negative thoughts. Write them all down, draw them out, write poems. Get everything out.
  3. Pour your water into a cup and just focus on it. Untouched the water just soaks up the moonlight. Think of the qualities water has, it can be gentle or devastating. It can be fluid or frozen, it can be toxic or life bringing. Reflect on the qualities that you possesses. What do you need in your life? More courage? More power? Less toxicity? 
  4. Drink the water and imagine it is filling you with all the qualities you believe you lack. As you drink also drink in the moon, and the energy to start a new.
  5. Take all those thoughts and put them in the jar. Seal the jar be it with sigil or wax or even string. These thoughts shall never escape. Once you seal them away they are no longer a part of you. They will suffocate and cease without you there to breathe life into them.
  6. Bury them.
  7. Light a candle, not to mourn the lost negativity, but to celebrate the start of a new you. A flame is similar to water, if provides life, heat and warmth, but also burns and can swallow up anything and reduce it to ash. Reflect on the responsibility you have in your life. The power and control you have. If there are aspects of your life that you wish to change thing about how you can work to achieve that change.
  8. If you want to shuffle your cards or songs or pages or runes. Listen to the elements and the moon. Draw whatever it is and reflect on it.

This is your first step towards the you that you wish to be.
Enjoy the new moon.