Morning Errands

Woodbridge, New Jersey | 2014



The police is showing their competence once again. This time, a New Jersey citizen Marcus Hubbad spent more than four months in jail for gun posession. The absurdity of the situation is that he can’t even move his arms – they’re paralyzed.  Plus police didn’t even have enough evidence…  I gotta question for the New Jersey police – what’re u guys smoking? Seems like you’ve totally lost your minds, wanna get that high too!

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Dashing through the snow and around Bennington Curve near Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, intermodal train 23Z (Croxton, NJ-Chicago-Englewood) rumbles uphill on track three with trailers and containers, while doublestack train 20T (Kansas City-Harrisburg) glides downgrade on track two. Norfolk Southern crews worked hard to keep the freight moving during this year’s peak intermodal season, even amidst several early snow storms.


Blue Hole

Also called “Devil’s Puddle,” the Blue Hole is located southern New Jersey, in the Winslow Wildlife Management Area. Many legends surround this mysterious body of water, and it is alleged that it is the famed Jersey Devil’s portal back to hell. Other legends state that the pool is bottomless, that the water is freezing year-round, and that strange whirlpools will attempt to suck down swimmers into the pool’s depths. Some say the pool has a bottom, but is made of fine “sugar sand” that acts like quicksand. Visits to the pool report crystal clear water and an unsettling stillness to the pond. There are no signs of life in its waters. Decades ago, it was a popular swimming hole for locals, but slowly gained its creepy reputation over the years. With its creepy stillness and oddly clear water, it is easy to see how the Blue Hole could cause uneasiness in its visitors.


National Nuclear Security Administration Blast Site Tested & Approved Family H-Bomb Hideaways: Walter Kidde Nuclear Laboratories (Makers of the Portable Kidde Kokoon Family Sized Fallout Shelters), Garden City, New Jersey (USA).

Civil Defense Agency Certified.


With almost 2 million amazing people who celebrated shelter pets yesterday, we know that there’s someone out there for Ella!

She was brought to the 911 Dog and Cat Rescue in Morristown, New Jersey after her human died.  The best Christmas gift she could get would be a new human of her very own.

Ella loves to purr and wants to snuggle up with someone who loves her.  Then she could purr to her heart’s content.

Email or call (908) 763-2040 to meet Ella!


#NJShutitDown Protest - William Paterson University || December 10th, 2014
New Jersey college students collectively protested against police brutality and the systematic institution of racism. The William Paterson edition of the #NJShutItDown Protest shut down the Hamburg Turnpike close to the campus. They marched down the turnpike stopping traffic with chanting and die-ins. 

This is only the beginning of the revolution.

If we don’t get it, SHUT IT DOWN!!