new home

That Gilmore Girls watching snuggle party turned into a sleepover. I ended up with about 9” width of that king size bed, and listened to a dog and a tween snore like a couple of drunks all night. Woke at 1am because Aunt Flo arrived on my doorstep — maybe that was why I felt like hurling all afternoon and evening. I tried to go back to sleep after the beast got up to be let out and fed when Chris was getting ready for work, but the cramps and the overworking list-maker in my mind sent me to the kitchen to make some coffee and assess the situation. 

I was told the sold sign got put up in front of my house. My house.

My house! I’m hoping I get the call that I can pick up the keys by lunchtime so I can run to the Bomb Shelter to pick up my table and chairs and drop them off, then run the pile of boxes in this dining room over there. Of course, it’s supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow.

Then Lila and her friend can peel stickers off the walls in her room while I clean out the fridge and paint the bathroom. I have to be there for a delivery tomorrow (the bullseye rug, which goes under the table and chairs), and will knock out the bedroom paint then.

Somewhere in there I need to wrap gifts and make Christmas dinner. I decided last night as I was clutching my gut trying not to vomit that Swedish meatballs are not happening. I don’t even have the ingredients, and it’s so much labor. Maybe I’ll make a small batch for NYE, but for Christmas, I’ll roast one of the whole chickens I got from Ami’s farm, and do up a potato-turnip gratin and a green salad and call it good enough. If I’m really ambitious (doubtful, but you never know) I’ll make a gingerbread with honeyed whipped cream for dessert. Ty is coming to dinner and we will attempt to have some sort of nice time all together. I may go back over to the house in the evening to do some unpacking and hang up the beaded snowflakes my Aunt Ginny made for me in some of the windows. 

Friday we can build the loft bed and move more stuff, and that day her mattress gets delivered. I’ll sleep on my aero bed until my memory foam (!!!!) mattress gets delivered on NYE. I’ll draw a bath with some dead sea salts and a lush bath bomb (the whole thing, not cut in half like I usually do), and I’ll crack open the Stone Enjoy By 12-26-14 (on the last enjoy by day) that my Tacos peeps gave to me with some cash and a beautiful hand lettered tag for a Christmas gift. 

I will wake up in my new home for the first time on Saturday, and make my pour over coffee with a bit of Ceylon cinnamon shaken over the grounds, and use my new milk frothing wand for the steamed half and half. Maybe I will take a walk around the new neighborhood. Unpack some more. Come back here for more loads. Do some cleaning here.

It will all be OK. I’m going to allow myself to feel good about this starting right now. No more self-loathing. I did everything I knew to do to try to fix it, and it wasn’t enough. This is the only life I get, so I’m going to open my heart and live it with love. 


What happens when an interior designer buys a new home? She personalizes it, of course. Sarah Fishburne recently sold her gorgeously decorated townhome to move into a larger space. Before moving a single box in, she began work to paint, replace lighting and change the color of the hardwood floors. Above is a sneak peek of the kitchen. We can wait to show off the whole house once she’s finished.

New Home || Carmen & Drew

Carmen picked out a room that she would call hers, placing her book that Ben gave her on the nigh table, she sat down on the edge of the bed and took in her new surroundings. She could do this. Drew was different and he seemed to respect her, and no once when they spent time together did he demean her. This was his best quality, maybe there was a little more to that; he is very attraction, that was a bonus. 

Slender fingers combed through golden locks and a smiled appeared on her face, she would be happy here. Slipping off he bed she exit her new bedroom and wandered down the hall to find Drew. When she reached he staircase, she found him a the bottom looking up at her. “What are you doing down there?”


The House with the Red Door

After two and a half glorious years in Paris, we’re heading to London in January for a whole new set of exciting adventures. We’re sad to say goodbye to so many wonderful people and places, but we’re super lucky that at least some of our next adventures will be taking place here, in a very small flat somewhere in the House with the Red Door.

New Home ||

It had taken less convincing then he thought to get Tom to agree letting Emma move in with Luther. He had figured there would be a lot of discussing, possibly a few promises. In the end, however, Tom had simply heard the idea, thought about the expenses that would be saved, and immediately agreed. It had been so simple that Luther had wondered if the old friend knew what was happening. Of course, that wasn’t entirely possible, considering the pair had been very secretive about their situation. 

Now, he had packed the clothes that she wanted to bring along, with most of the other items already moved away in a moving truck. It had all been organized, and Luther had paid for all of it. Another thing that Tom had greatly appreciated, and something that he hadn’t entirely thought about. With everything packed away in the car, Luther had shaken his best friend’s hand and promised to take good care of his daughter. Of course, now she was his little girl.

Getting in the car and looking over at Emma, Luther smiled as he pulled away from the house. “So here we go, Emma. Off to my house, where you will be spending the next few months. We’ll have to take you back home every so often, you understand. But I do trust that you’ll be enjoying your time with me.” While one hand stayed on the wheel, his other moved to her thigh.


I went over, dropped off my rent, did a walk through and couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear! It is so perfect. The floors are polished, the new carpet has been installed, the new blinds are hung and…

IT ALL READY FOR WY AND I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m stopping by the store for a few things (and snacks) before I pick up Wy, but I can’t wait for it to be our house, officially. I have tons of Wy’s toys in my car ready for a fun afternoon (of waiting for the couch delivery).

And it’s really real.

This is all happening and it will all be wonderful and I couldn’t be more thrilled for anything! I can’t wait to make memories with my boy in this awesome place I stumbled upon.

This is the most perfect place and I cannot wait for it to become our HOME…and really to feel like our home, too.