Found a trail in the forest covered in Red Trillium and Spring Beauties (Claytonia virginica)!

I’m leaving the Trilliums alone for obvious reason, but the Spring Beauties were so plentiful that I picked a few for pressing. They’re so beautiful and the most delicate flowers I’ve ever handled, I can’t wait to see how they came out.

In addition, I picked plenty of Fiddleheads, and scouted out some budding Wild Strawberries, which should be blooming really soon. I can’t believe how quickly Spring seems to be moving this year; I can’t wait to explore more parts of the forest tomorrow and see what I find.

Everyone’s jumping on the gothic fiction bandwagon but honestly I think New England Gothic is among the oldest, the Hawthorne aesthetic

  • October wind blowing dried leaves through the air
  • Puritan burying grounds with deaths-head stones jutting out of the ground haphazardly like broken teeth
  • Whaling widows standing on the widow’s walk or on the cliffs as the waves crash and the wind shrieks
  • A centuries-old coffin exhumed in the graveyard, the skeleton still with a stake through its heart
  • The Devil lurking in the howling wilderness of the forest, demons flying across the harvest moon
  • Small towns where descendants of hanged witches and their murderers eye each other warily in passing