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Lea as Rachel Berry singing Here’s to us, Rachel’s solo at Regionals, Glee season 3.

P.s. One day I’ll finally post every single Rachel performance on glee, even if it’s the last thing I ever do x)


"We all have more songs to sing, we just can’t sing them in here anymore."


It was always Finn’s story. Back in 4x01 when we had no idea what was going on, when Finn disappeared from the show for three full episodes and didn’t return to Lima until even after that, New New Directions was already Finn’s story. When we were complaining that the newbies were slightly-altered or remixed clones of Old New Directions, that was the setup for Finn’s story. Finn was supposed to see himself and his friends in those kids, and help them make better friendships and better choices than his group had, and he was supposed to find himself in the process. […] But with Finn gone, it was nothing deeper than what we saw: It was a show (New York) and another show (Lima) existing side by side and barely interacting with each other. […] And it’s sad. God, it’s sad. Even if you never liked New New Directions, it’s sad to see McKinley go. […] When those kids leave McKinley, it’ll be like the last of him leaving too. [x]


"Sue Sylvester didn’t win. Maybe she took away glee club but she’ll never take away what we had. We were a part of something incredible." "There’s more than that. We helped each other become better people in this room. No one can ever take that away from us.”