Я думаю,что вы догадались после цитаты великого Гюго,что речь пойдет об этом произведении. Я думала,что это будет сложно,но нееет. В один день я прочла книгу(каюсь,пропустила просто огромное и скучное описание Парижа того времени в мельчайших деталях,но это не отражается на дальнейшем сюжете). Впечатления потрясающие,совсем другие,если сравнивать с той же Джейн Остин. Париж того времени,настроения в обществе,своеобразие героев наложили свой отпечаток. Такое ощущение,что я наблюдала картины,описанные в книге как бы со стороны,как будто смотрела в прошлое. Концовка тронула меня до слез(что бывает редко). Она на 3 месте моих любимых книг(может как-нибудь выложу свой топ-10). Стоит ЧИТАТЬ!

William sat at the counter, writing away as the clock ticked out every hour that had went by. The store was unusually quiet for a Sunday, but he wasn’t about to complain. The eldest Robinson liked the peace and quiet for a change, but apparently he had that thought too soon. HIs head popped up as the door crashed open, and a rather frantic person stood amongst the books, “What is going on?” Will barked, standing up from his place at the counter, a clearly annoyed expression dawning his features.

My face, my body and I are taking a journey on the path of self-discovery and acceptance.

I’ve just created a blog dedicated to a new photo project that will address my very complicated relationship with my appearance. I suffer from BDD (in particular towards my face), and I was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease years ago, so my disabled body is a big source of pain and frustration. I know BDD can be really difficult to understand but when I look into the mirror all I see is a misshapen, ugly, almost monstrous face starting back.

I’m going to try to take self-portraits on a regular basis to help see myself with kinder eyes, accept my appearance (my face in particular) and embrace it. No cosmetic retouching (just levels, and tones/color tweaking), because I want to picture myself as I truly am.

I will also take pictures of my nude body (and tag the photos as “nude”), so if this isn’t something you’d like to see, feel free to disregard. I, myself, am not a modest person, so you can join, whether I know you or not. There’s already quite a few nudes of me floating on the internet as it is anyway.

Я уже писала про книгу,которая занимает 2 место в рейтинге моих любимых,и вот,настало время рассказать про мою ЛЮБИМУЮ книгу! Это шедевр,книга захватила меня полностью. В моей жизни нет настоящей дружбы,поэтому я искренне восхищалась тремя товарищами. Я люблю книги,где есть все,здесь есть ВСЕ:любовь(невероятная история,достойная отдельной книги),дружба(такая,какой она должна быть),драма,комедия и трагедия! Читается за одну ночь,а живешь с этой историей еще месяц. Очень хорошая книга,и мне бы хотелось,чтобы все,кто еще не прочитал ее,сделал это!

So… Does cracking your knuckles affect your health in any way?

I know that my mom got me out of the habit of doing it at the age of 9 because she claimed that I would develop arthritis… That doesn’t actually happen, by the way. Totally a myth.

When you crack your knuckles, all the action takes place in the fluid that surrounds our joints, called synovial fluid. When you stretch your joints, you release gas in the fluid, which forms into little bubbles, and when your joints settle back into place, those bubbles burst and make a cracking sound. Want to crack the same knuckle twice? You’re gonna have to wait another 20 minutes for the gas to accumulate once more.

Sounds fairly harmless, right? But what does science say about this curious habit? Californian medical doctor, Donald Unger, decided to investigate, and dedicated 60 years of his life to the pursuit of the answer. Essentially, he spent 60 years cracking the knuckles on one hand, and 60 years not cracking the knuckles on the other, so he could compare the effects. Spoiler alert: None of his hands developed arthritis, and none of them were in more pain than the other.

Now lets get to the real danger with cracking your knuckles: driving everyone around you insane.