and thus it was, a new age began

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all good things come to an end. what we get to do is decide when that end comes. some of you may leave right after the finale and move onto other things. some may go in a few weeks, a few months. some may never leave at all. regardless of if that time comes for you, i want to say thanks. we’ve been through so much together as a fandom, and that deserves to be remembered.

This is Piper, in a more detailed character study for the horror comic me and my bf passivevoice are working on. Sharon Van Etten was definitely a bit of an inspiration for her character design, as well as the story in general as we’ve both been listening to her newest album non-stop as we’re writing and drawing this story out. This song in particular I am absolutely obsessed with.

“I always side with the Brotherhood of Steel no matter what. They are always my second priority. In my first run through New Vegas I tried to side with Mr. House, only to later side with the NCR, because he was against the Brotherhood. Later I discovered I had screwed up because I made Hardin Elder and had to go with Yes Man by the end. I wear their factioned T-51b Power Armor proudly around the Mojave.”

Fallout Confessions

For the Mark Reads folks: the 9-volume NME discount continues for one more day

A lot of you have been taking advantage of the flash sale at Ebooks Direct, during which everything in the store was 66% off. That sale is now over… except not quite.

Because of everyone’s interest in picking up the complete 9-volume NME set at a deeply discounted price (which I understand: I know how it is to want books and not always have the money for them), I’ve instructed the store to continue the 66% discount on the NME sets only, for one more day. (Well, sort of 36 hours.)

The discount on this item will run out at 23:59 Hawaiian time on December 19th, so move fast.

And enjoy!