I apologize in advance for these bad quality pics

A post I reblogged earlier, of books creating a better perspective, reminded me the first time my perspective got a whole diffirent turn.

You see, one day I found this box of books belonging to my big brother (my only brother who’s 16 years older than me). It was not so long after he had moved to the US to live with his newly wed wife. I’m not sure he ever knew this, but even though we had this age difference between us I always became fashinated in the same things he could be. For example, we both has a common interest in cyberpunk, or games or even computers in general (even though his interest goes beyond infinite).

Anyway, in this box of books I found a series of books written by this author named Katharine Kerr. THE author Katharine Kerr. Well, by this time I didn’t know anything of her but I really liked what I read at the back of one of the books (Daggerspell, the first book of the series about Deverry).

So that is how I became a vivid reader of fantasy books. This author opened my eyes for fantasy in so many ways imaginable. Reincarnations, sleep walking in other dimensions, men named ”nothing”, pure creative magic…it had it all.

I guess I just felt the urge to relive those moments where books had this weight in my life…you can continue scroll now if you made it this far.

A toast to those who held me up when i needed it the most.

Even if our paths take us different ways, ill always love you guys.
Michael L.
Shawn L.
Samantha C.
Eduardo J.
Vincent C.
Kayla P.

Special note:
Some of my other friends would have done anything to help me, and i pushed them away. To those people, im sorry. I know how selfish it is to tell a friend you dont want their help when they only want the best.
Tony and silvia