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in all honesty, though, if Gil isn't a little bit in love with Odin once he makes the pact with Nevy I will be a slightly disappointed

same tbh

- Please view this in high/full resolution!! 
Tumblr really dulled the quality of this on my blog for some reason :/ So I added a click-through link for the higher resolution.
It’s pretty big and I spent a lot of time on little details orz. This whole picture took me a little over 5 hours straight during livestream..

Anyway, these two are Nevy and Gil from the webcomic AvasDemon! I love them so much omfg. It’s a really gorgeous and fantastic webcomic, and everyone should go check it out if you haven’t already!!

Doing this picture made me realize how incredibly fun it is to color Nevy wow<3 10/10 would color again~♥

A little Nevy gif to keep you company on your blog~ Illustration and character do not belong to me, I just created a gif and made a few alterations I know her hair is way too short but I wanted it all to fit in the square

Original panel of the lovely Ava’s Demon here!