breaking nevws: someones ass has recently been harvwested. vwe dont knowv vwhat the cause of this is, or vwho did it. police are questioning suspects to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

anonymous said:

i feel empty cause the only thing that makes me feel happy is the place where the person i love is. its dance. shes a teacher but shes younger and we are close in age, she always talks to me and i love her. shes a person who has kissed my scars and come close to kissing me. i broke down one night late after dance and she held me for twenty minutes and kept kissing my forehead. i can tell her i love her when we are both girls and shes older. itll never happen and it hurts

YOU NEVWE KNOW OMF just please keep your head up and take everyday one day at a time and enjoy every moment you spend with her or if you don’t have dance that’s fine
You should ask her if she would be up to go out with you maybe to get lunch or something