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This is very TL;DR and mildly private, so putting it under a Read More.

To my followers: I’m very sorry about being unresponsive. I’ll be real, I’ve been avoiding addressing my messages or responsibilities here for the past few weeks while dealing with how to respond to this – it’s not the best coping method, I know! Thank you for your patience with me.

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Ayo its nevo, the meanest rapper, eat attacker,
Slacker but leanest trapper,
His lyrics relax the keenest capper,
Us spastic peace less flappers,
We eat intactness,
Well take u down u fact less crappers,
So tactless, fast like snappers,
Rick rackless but no shatter,
We set a paddle to beat a battle,
Travel to hap hazard korean tattle,
North n south, soon tanzaneyan style ,
To ride a saddle, carribean rattle,
When i coddle paresian cattle,
My last words are to speed the hassle,
U assholes couldnt take half the shit we spit,
Legitimate, we get we hit the clit,
Spit then throw a fit, check the outlit,
Grab the tit, sit that dick jus rub a bit,
We hit that bitch to show them hoes that we the shit,
God damn it, such a complicit counterfit ,
An Implicit, illicit, deficit,
Restin it, we come as specialist,
Clench a fist, no less then grit,
Infinite n we aint no less then it,
Our shit will blow a bullet in ur name,
This hate game, shows ur fate range,
Lame, same, grab it n it came,
I show shame to these motherfuckers with less fame,
Tell em kevins name, nevo, n his after flame,
Aspartame, overcame this codename , the airframe,
To train him in his spits n rhymes,
He aint got more then this, its fine,
This time, fist climb, this maritime, pantomime, sometime lash out, sublime,
This is the las time we may make n lit,
Rip n spit, we can take this shit!
Brittle or break the fits, we hav finally made it.

sun-wanderer asked:

How do you keep your hair so healthy? What products do you use?

I don’t really do much to it anymore but I try to trim it every 2 months or so to get rid of split ends, I always use heat protectant when heat styling, I sometimes use coconut as a hair mask or Pravana nevo 60 second deep treatment which is like a deep conditioner

Toti spun ca m-am schimbat de cind El a plecat,dar eu am nevoe de el,indiferent de durerea pe care mi-a provocat-o.

Doc, saprebbe mica per caso dirmi cos'è questa cosa che ho sul collo? Io so solo che è venuta fuori verso gennaio/febbraio e non mi ha mai fatto male. Una volta è capitato che grattandomi lì dietro, l'abbia in qualche modo rotta ed è uscito un bel po’ di sangue. Mi dica lei…

Pessima foto e in ogni caso non sono un dermatologo.
Anche uno specialista, comunque, si asterrebbe da far diagnosi senza poter palpare e visionare la lesione con un ingranditore dermatologico.
Se ti dicessi che sembra un banale nevo pendulo fibromatoso, non vorrebbe assolutamente dire che non potrebbe essere un altro tipo di lesione, magari maligna. 

#5: Hit Record: An Inside Track to Music Production with Waves - An OpenMixTM Interactive Course: Tracking, Mixing and Mastering Techniques (English Edition)
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Hit Record: An Inside Track to Music Production with Waves - An OpenMixTM Interactive Course: Tracking, Mixing and Mastering Techniques (English Edition)
Yoad Nevo (Autore)

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