Ayo its nevo, the meanest rapper, eat attacker,
Slacker but leanest trapper,
His lyrics relax the keenest capper,
Us spastic peace less flappers,
We eat intactness,
Well take u down u fact less crappers,
So tactless, fast like snappers,
Rick rackless but no shatter,
We set a paddle to beat a battle,
Travel to hap hazard korean tattle,
North n south, soon tanzaneyan style ,
To ride a saddle, carribean rattle,
When i coddle paresian cattle,
My last words are to speed the hassle,
U assholes couldnt take half the shit we spit,
Legitimate, we get we hit the clit,
Spit then throw a fit, check the outlit,
Grab the tit, sit that dick jus rub a bit,
We hit that bitch to show them hoes that we the shit,
God damn it, such a complicit counterfit ,
An Implicit, illicit, deficit,
Restin it, we come as specialist,
Clench a fist, no less then grit,
Infinite n we aint no less then it,
Our shit will blow a bullet in ur name,
This hate game, shows ur fate range,
Lame, same, grab it n it came,
I show shame to these motherfuckers with less fame,
Tell em kevins name, nevo, n his after flame,
Aspartame, overcame this codename , the airframe,
To train him in his spits n rhymes,
He aint got more then this, its fine,
This time, fist climb, this maritime, pantomime, sometime lash out, sublime,
This is the las time we may make n lit,
Rip n spit, we can take this shit!
Brittle or break the fits, we hav finally made it.

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