Tutto è nel sole
e nell’ombra.
Anche l’amore.
E il sogno
con l’umile imbrunire
della sera:
stuporosi silenzi
e futili parole.
Il tuo rosso dono,
profuma la notte
che giunge.
Rende luminoso
il buio inaccessibile

Nevio Nigro
Fotografia Francesca Woodman

For ngoni yang mangaku “Manado” yg tinggal di luar Manado…

Ngoni tau depe arti ini kata-kata #BahasaManado ?

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Im being treated from Sweden and getting gifts even a day early! I love you Nelly and Nevio! Thank yo! 😘😘😘

docteryn said:

I'm new here and I just got vanilla hetalia down can you please give me a idea of 2p also is their any official manga for 2p

WEELP! 2p is like a darker eviler or just opposite alternate universe for them basically. In this world history is also fucked up and.. nobody recorded history so it’s just a jumble of confusion! Here, I’ll put forth some examples

Normal Italy: Felinciano

Italy is normally a happy cheerful scaredy cat and is extensively lazy. That we can all agree. 

2p Italy- Nevio

Nevio although is enthusiastic about killing and if very scary and twisted. He isn’t as lazy and likes to terrorize people he knows. 

see what I mean? 

or some of the characters don’t even change to scarier… well they sort of do..

England: Arthur

England is normally serious and rather grouchy. He just sits and drinks his tea and an be rather rude (mainly towards france…. Isweartheyloveeacother) 

2p England: Oliver

Oliver is very happy and spazzy. He is obsessed with cupcakes and pulls off as ‘sweet’ yet sometimes he poisons his cupcakes or puts razors in them.. 

Did that explain it to you???