books you’ll never read #55:  Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson wins the prize for cutest northern European cover ever!  ”…the moomins live in the forests of Finland.  They like sunshine and sleep right through the winter.  The snow falls and falls and falls where they live until their houses look like great snowballs…”

Inscribed on the inside in scribbly, shaky cursive:  ”This book is private and belongs to San jay Singh”

books you’ll never read #43 Opera as Drama published by Vintage books in 1956.  Quote from Eric Bentley on the back cover bluntly reads “I can only say I had dreamed of writing such a book myself, and contemplate Mr. Kerman’s fine work with a sweet, painful blend of envy and admiration.”

books you’ll never read #57 is a real treat!  Jogging with Jesus by the very enthusiastic and stylish C.S. Lovett.  From the back cover:  ”Many people start off jogging and almost as many quit out of boredom.  Why?  They have nothing to do.  But if you learn to JOG WITH JESUS, that won’t happen to you…”  I actually wish I had the time to post all of the inside pages because they’re all basically pictures of him in different poses with his sweat suit and boy does he love having his picture taken! 

books you’ll never read #39…first of all; who would write a price in permanent marker on the cover of a book?!?  come on people!  second, no one is credited anywhere inside for the cover art.  third, a tuft of red chest hair is sexy, even if you are holding a newly removed human head.

books you’ll never read #47:  The Memory Book by the incredibly successful memory team Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas.  They look like they either want to sell me a car or have sex with me while I’m not looking.  In the chapter for Names and Faces it gives “alternate” words to associate with a real name to help you remember it.  For Dudley you should just think dead lay.  For Patterson you should just think pat a son.  And for Craig you should think crack.  Oh 1974 I think I would have enjoyed you.