alternianchancery asked:

Sipara, at any point before moving from southern Alternia: what do you like about home? what do you hate?


i love evernything bc i live in the BEST FUCKING PLACE EVERN >:OOO

oh whoops sornrny! best FLIPPING place evernnn!!! >:B

i mean like ok
its always warnm and yve got like ppl evernywherne all the time! yrn nevern alone EVERN and mb ppl arne kind of mean sometimes but thats ok bc then yrn just mean back!

and mostly ppl arne grn8!!!

like, evernytime thernes a sandstornm and evernyones stuck inside forn awhile, ppl will all hang out in the lobby and hold parnties

my dad doesnt let me go but they seem so so so soooooooo cool D:<

the only thing that sucks is like having to grnow crnops? bc like ferntile soil and hivestem allotment and bluh bluh BLUH >:c its supern dumb idk why we gotta


Bane Mojicevic - Usne neverne (Ukus prevare) (2012)

"Recently I came across a most remarkable yew tree when I visited the ancient village of Nevern in Pembrokeshire. It has a 6th century church (St Brynach’s Church) and in the churchyard there are a number of ancient yew trees (Taxus baccata). One of these yews near to the gate is called the “Bleeding Yew” which is about 700 years old… It has a blood-red sap running out of it which has the consistency of blood – though it dries pink rather than brown…

There are many myths about why the Nevern yew tree bleeds: some say that as Jesus was crucified on a cross it is bleeding in sympathy and thoers say that it is reflective of the tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. But that wouldn’t explain why this yew tree in particular is bleeding. One myth says that a monk was hanged on this tree for a crime of which he was innocent and the tree is protesting his innocence. Some say, more politically, that it won’t stop bleeding until there is a Welsh Prince installed at Nevern or even that it will bleed until world peace is achieved.”