redbeardeddragonslayer asked:

i did not say that tehre werent people in the fandom being sexist and racist and shit. in fact i was saying there are. i was asking BOTH fandoms to stop. not denying that some individuals are being rude. the whole fandom war is stupid. and its escalated to the point where people are sending moffat death threats? thats whats not cool. is when things get so out of hand that people are threatning to kill each other over tv shows.

Welp, maybe if PSFs would stop posting their vile as fuck opinions in the Elementary tag, we Elementary fans could maybe stop calling them out as much. It’s a cause-and-effect thing, see? We can’t stop if they don’t stop. So really, the onus here is on them.

As for the Moffat death threats, this is the first I’ve heard of it, and of course I don’t approve. Guy is a horrible person, yes, but wow, creepy. :S