at lunch today i was reading Wintergirls and the only two people i actually talk to were on a school trip so i was stuck with people i have nothing in common with. then two people came over to sit with us and one of them announced how much food she brought for lunch and i said “you eat so much but you’re so fucking skinny” and her friend goes “you’re skinny too and that’s because you don’t eat” i had no idea how to respond so i pretended to not hear her and carried on reading. one of them took the book off me and read the blurb of Wintergirls and said it sounded good. then they whispered about me, “she’s probably on a diet,” “yeah that book is probably encouraging her.” sigh. idk. i miss Grace and Holly :(((

neverlandtonarnia said:

1-10 x

I’m unsure if this was questions 1 and 10 or 1 to 10 so I’ll do them all x

2.Shoe Size
Uk 10
3.Do you Smoke?
4.Do you Drink?
Occasionally at parties although I’m usually the one looking after people
5.Do you take drugs?
Not really I don’t go out of my way to take or do drugs
6.Age you get mistaken for
I look my age so I’d say 17
7.Have Tattoos?
8.Want any tattoos?
I want loads, too many to list
9.Got any Piercings?
10.Want any Piercings?
I want my nose done but I can’t because of my work

neverlandtonarnia said:

1-50 :3

Here we go:)
50- where would you like to be.
In a dream, I’m so tired.
49- do you what children
One day yes
48- ever been in love
Think I’m experiencing that now
47- who’s your best friend
This sexy mofo that asked me to answer the questions;)
46- more guy friends or girl friends
Girl friends
45- one thing that makes you feel great is
Spending time with my boy friend:3
44- one person you wish you could see right now
My boyfriend or Gracie ( cos I miss her)
43- do you have a 5 year plan
Nope, would never stick to it
42- have you made a list of things to do before you die
41- have you pre-named your children
No, that will happen when I’m actually having kids..
40- last person I got mad at
Probably my parents because I’m tired..
39- I would like to move to
I’m happy where I live, I would like to travel but fuck moving
38- wish I was a professional
Chef, then I would be amazing at cooking and know lots about it
My favourites
37- candy- anything
36-vehicle- an old mini or vw van
35- president- I’m not American
34- state visited- idk
33- cellphone provider- idk, iPhone?
32- athlete- bolt is pretty amazing
31- actor- omg there’s too many!! Might have to say like Alex Kingston, Johnny depp and so many more omg
30- Actress^^^
29- singer-idk
28- red hot chilli peppers and lots of others
27- clothing store- new look?
26- grocery store? Wtf
25- TV show- orange is the new black
24- movie- fuck I have too many
23- website- tumblr
22- animal- horse I think
21- theme park- don’t like theme parks
20- holiday- any kind of holiday is my fav kind
19- sport to watch- tennis
18- sport to play- rounders
17- magazine- don’t read them
16- book- 32c that’s me
15- day of the week- Weekends and Wednesdays because I get to see Matt:)
14 beach- any beach is my fave
13- concert attended- queens of the Stone Age were the best live!!
12- thing to cook- cakes and bakes
11- Food- honestly at the moment anything like literally anything, in need to stop
10- restaurant-anywhere
9-radio station- radio 1/ 6music
8- I ignored because idk what it is
7- perfume- this French flower thing idk what it’s called
6- flower- I love all flowers
5- colour- yellow
4- talk show host- Ellen degeneres
3- comedian- love so many I don’t know the name of but love Miranda hart
2- dog bread- springer!!
1- did you answer all these truthfully- yup


I was tagged by watchmelightenup

1. Favourite holiday destination?

I haven’t been to many places but out of the places I have been to, I really like Italy.

2. What helps you when you’re stressed?

Either sleeping it off or just talk/cuddle w/ my boyfriend

3. Cat or dog person? Why?

Neither lol, I’m allergic to cats and I hate dogs.

4. What band or singer do you love that people never expect you to like?

People at college never expected me to like ‘screamo’ type bands 

5. Favourite quote? Why do you like this quote?

"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever" - Alfred Lord Tennyson

I like this quote because it’s relatable and quite lovely yet also sad.

6. What is one odd fact about your body?

I don’t really have an odd fact about my body haha

7. Think of a time you felt overly proud as a kid - what were you proud about?

Uh idk but probably when I was able to ride a bike without stabilizers?

8. Favourite pizza topping?


9. A goal for 2014?

Be skinny

10. Favourite movie?

Holy shit idk this is so difficult dammit. Um, either Scott Pilgrim vs the World or Coraline

My questions for the tagged followers are:

1. Have you ever been in the newspaper?

2. Who is your favourite actor/actress?

3. Can you do any impressions of famous people?

4. Do you have any hidden talents?

5. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it?

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

7. Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

8. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?

9. What are your turn ons and turn offs?

10. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

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I went to see One Direction: This Is Us with my best friend today because no one else would go with her and she really wants to watch it, plus I like to stare at Niall Horan. Seriously, the things I do for her, man. The cinema was filled with 10 year old girls, ONE OF THEM WAS WEARING A FUCKING HARRY STYLES MASK WHICH IS GOING TO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES TONIGHT. Anyway, throughout the whole.. film? (Idk what you’d call it bc it wasn’t really a film, but I’m gonna call it that anyway) I just cringed at the girls who were making unnecessary noises bc of 1D. I kept threatening to punch them in the throats and chop their legs off :))) I also just banged on about Niall and his beautiful eyes and wanting him to fuck me hug me. 

Oh and follow my best friend too, she is simply wonderful and her name is Grace and I love her and she’s amazing and really great. 

hahahahahahahahaha today i shoved raisins down my best friend’s shirt and they were lost forever literally she couldn’t find it omfg it was hilarious i bully her all the time jfnejjdnwjdifmtkrkdmd i love you Gracie baby aka neverlandtonarnia i would add her link but im on the ipad and i havent mastered tumblr on ipad yet lmao follow her pls she is fabulous, amazing, perfect, lovely, beautiful, funny etc the list could go on

RLY ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY SAD ANGRY ANGRY AND SAD RIGHT NOW OK. my dad grounded me and im not allowed to see Grace omg it’s her birthday tomorrow and she’s having a sleepover tonight but i can’t fucking go. i made great presents for her and ugh she isn’t gonna get them. I’ll probably end up giving it to her at school though sigh. ffs im gonna miss out on everything and everyone is gonna be talking about it and I’ll be like, wut.

i bought some M&Ms from M&M World for neverlandtonarnia bc she is best friend #1 before josh. but im eating them. sorry baby, i will try save some for you. i do love you okay.
this always happens when i buy food for ppl. i bought josh some jaffa cakes and before he even got them, i devoured them. i always eat the presents i buy for other ppl oh dear.
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