I wasn’t into Peter Pan that much when I was younger. I only really fell in love with him when I was around 13, and now I’m 16 and completely obsessed. But I think that’s when we need him the most. We start to understand that maybe growing up isn’t  as fun as we thought it would be. The teenage years are when we start to wish we could stay young forever. We want to fly to Neverland, escape all our responsibilities, and never grow up. When we’re little Neverland just sounds like a fun place to be, but now it sounds like the perfect escape, and I would give anything to go there.

Submitted by hangloooseyo.

I have been dating a guy for about 6 months now, I told him about a month ago about my ongoing obsession with Peter Pan that began when I was a little girl. Halloween night, he showed up at my house at about 9 o’clock dressed in a Peter Pan costume that he put together himself, tights and all. Apparently the night that I told him about it, he planned this idea and told my family, his family, and basically half of the school, and they all kept it a surprise. It was one of the greatest moments of my entire life. 

Submitted by kill-the-machines.

About a week ago, my English teacher was mad about students not studying for tests and misbehaving in class. She yelled “GROW UP, OKAY?!”  and had went to every student in the class, making them say “I will.” I  was fighting back tears because I was imagining what Peter Pan would say. Vowing to never grow up is the one thing I stand for,and she basically took it away.

Submitted by the-last-joanne.

All my life I’ve wanted a boy like Peter Pan to come into my life, because I feel so much like Wendy Darling. I’m a storyteller. Better at shaping the lives of others than taking charge in my own. And I’ve had to grow up despite longing to stay young. Now, I’m 21 and still wishing I could find my Lost Boy, a guy who can make me feel like a kid again and capture my heart as Peter did all those years ago.

Submitted by deathcannotstoptruelike.

Peter Pan has been my hero for a very long time. I just simply adore Peter. And for years apon years I have waited for Peter to swoop down and take me away to Neverland. But over the past year or so I have never wished so much for something. I bet I’ve wished on every star in the night sky just to be able to go to the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Submitted byrabid-bunni.