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1.) whats your earliest memory?
waking up in the backseat of my grandmother’s car 

2.) what mistake do you make most often?
 Any social mistake, I make it

3.) are you happy with your life right now? if not what do you wanna change about it?  
No, Everything. 

4.)what do you definitely want to see/accomplish before you die?
date someone; legit not some weird thing where I say high every once in a while. 

5.) are you super annoyed by being tagged in these survey things or do you love it?
I love it but I hate tagging people.

6.) if you invented a new color what would you call it?

 7.) what is your least favorite class?  
German and Sports in America are tied

 8.)do you like apples?
Hell yeah

9.) if your life was an autobiography what would you call it?
“Jen, you lil shit”

10.) if you could own a dinosaur would you?
No, I don’t even like horses because they are bigger than me

11.) what is your least favorite vegetable?
Do beans count? I hate beans. Collards are gross too.

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1. What made you get a Tumblr account?

My sister had it and I knew it was my destiny. I waited until after exams (best decision) and basically I have been on ever since….

2. What is your favourite fruit?

At the moment Bananas but it always changes. I live watermelon but it is too cold to eat it in Winter

3. Favourite starter pokemon?

Yeah I’m not really a pokemon gal. Sorrynotsorry

4.Favourite movie?

HARRY POTTER and LES MIS. Non-fandom related is Devil Wears Prada or the Notebook

5. How do you spend your saturday nights? 

Well after Ballet and Hip-Hop I usually watch some telly and bond with the family

6. Favourite tv series?

sherlock, graceland, big bang theory, dance academy

7. If you could go back to any time period what would it be? And what would you do?

The Romantic era like Keats and Austen and I would love to be a writer then (pen name Jean or John)

8. What’s your perfect idea of a relaxing day/night/holiday?

Watching movies, reading etc

9.  If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

A mermaid. I was obsessed with them as a kid!

10.What feature do you look at first when meeting new people?

The eyes (I want to be an optometrist)

11. Tattoo’s? Planning, got them or against them?

Nope. I’m a goody goody haha. I hate excessive tatts.

12.  if you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

so hard!! Probably Ireland because that is where my family lives or the US because they have disneyland/disneyland/new york/ hpworld. Nuff said.

13. do you prefer modern music or older music (like 80s  rock/the beatles etc)?

I’m into more modern music (no pop trash though) but musical theatre is my fave so I guess that’s sometimes old and sometimes new?

14. favourite book/novel?

Have to say HP!

15. do you have an OTP?

Rapunzel and Flynn!

16. opinions on steven moffat? 

Well I love him for creating Sherlock and writing so brilliantly in DW but he is the definition of evil

17. favourite mythical creature?


18. all time favourite song?

waayyy too hard. My fave song at the moment in Taylor the Latte Boy but I’ll go with Thriller as it’s a classic!

19. not being stalker here, but hobbies?

Singing and Dancing!

20. a tv show that you really want to start watching?

Once apon a time! Starting this weekend eep!

21. tea or coffee?


22. cliché here but perfect first date? Go out for dinner or a night in watching a movie?

probably dinner but something more casual like coffee and going for a walk?

My questions

23. Fave number?

24. Pets?

25. Favourite holiday destination

26. Favourite food?

27. Major role-model?

28. Chocolate or lollies?

29. Modern houses or old houses?

30. Cats or dogs?

31. Old Disney or new Disney?

32. Christmas or birthdays?

33. Travelling holidays or relaxing holidays?



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1.)if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

      Probably Scotland or Germany.

2.)whats your favorite band and why do you love them?

      Um, The Bunny The Bear because their music is incredible. 

3.) who do you wanna hug?

      Ray Narvaez Jr. c:

4.)favorite ice cream flavor?

      Mint chocolate chip 

5.) if you could anthropomorphise any object what would you pick?


6.)whats your favorite word.?

       Pigapugapoo (a dog)

7.) Best pick up line you can come up with 

        *breathes heavily* Um, *sweats * I uh… *pulls off all my clothes* You’re attractive??(Idontdothiskindofstuff??)

8.) have you ever been sail boating? do you want to?

        I`d try it, sure!

9.)what smell reminds you of a specific moment the most?

        Applesauce reminds me of this one time when me and my best friend went to a park. We threw an apple sauce container down a hill because it wouldn’t open. We started to walk away but I didn’t want to leave it there so I went down to pick it up. It landed under a window of a school, not open, and I think the shades were a little bit low too. So anyway I picked it up and I heard tapping on the glass. This older woman had the face of ‘get the hell out of here or ill rip off all your finger nails’. She shook her head and pulled the shade all the way down. I didn’t even know people were indie there during the middle of summer, but I laugh about it all the time. 

10.) do you enjoy background noise or silence?

       Depends on my mood.

 11.) what do you collect?  

          Hoodies and sunglasses!

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1. When is your birthday?

2. What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

3. Describe the landscape around your home.

4. Do you like shorts and tanks or pants and sweaters? 

5. What is your favorite movie actor/actress?

6. Plane or train?

7. If you were to become famous doing one thing you really loved, what would it be? 

8. Do you have any YouTubers you`d like to meet?

9. Describe the perfect date.

10.Have any bad injuries?

11. What are your thoughts on piercing? Would you get any?

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