We’re headed to Columbus in our friend’s mom’s van. It’s covered in anti abortion stickers, yikes. We stopped, the six of us, at a Cracker Barrel in Indiana and look what I found! So now we’re piled back in the car, our pilot is smoking a cigar, and I’ve got this Cheerwine lined up for lunchtime. Gonna pour a lil out for qed’s long lost tumblr, miss u.

I mean, it's a fair point.
  • Me:[sends screenshot of Chicago weather report] Welcome home, right?
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:Shake it off. This is the Midwest.
  • Me:Thanks, Coach.
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:You're welcome.
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:Rub some dirt in it and walk it off.
  • Me:Be gentle. I haven't had to wear a coat in two weeks and now I'm disoriented.
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:Pull it together [NALSR].
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:NEVER A LOVELY SO REAL.
  • imfrommichiganlookatmyhand:(The cold is the realness.)

neveralovelysoreal replied to your quote: Nickelback’s lyrics portray a crudely…

So … it’s okay to loathe bands but we should do so more thoughtfully? That seems reasonable. Signed, Someone who once owned a shirt that says “Even Jesus Hates Creed”

Yeah. I mean, far be it from me to accuse anyone of being disingenuous but I feel pretty safe in saying a lot of people ‘hate’ Nickelback for reasons no more erudite or specific than “Their music’s shit.” And that’d be fine, because it is shit, but only if they knew why.

neveralovelysoreal replied to your post: ohhhmadeline replied to your audio post: So I was…

I don’t know if they’re dicks, but I saw them in DC once about five years ago and the singer seemed REAL upset most of the people at the show were there to see the local band they were opening for and not them.

That is absolutely how My Chemical Romance felt at the Green Day concert they opened.

neveralovelysoreal replied to your post: I wonder how much TI charges for liquid smoke.

Er, these. These are the saddest tags ever. But yeah, standing by it. And that’s not even getting into the whole issue of your tragic aversion to sweet tea. Let me know what you end up using the pot likker for, though.

Don’t judge me you like Cheerwine

I’m thinking I’ll try to minimize the liquid (since I’m cooking for one I’m not going to make a giant pot) and, if it’s too much to just sop up with cornbread, add bouillon and turn it into gravy to put over mashed potatoes.

neveralovelysoreal replied to your post: I don’t want to disparage my dad’s cooking*, but I…

The recipe I use takes two hours of cooking, and I know of people cooking them even longer. Glad they turned out well.

The recipes I riffed from had them in the pot that long, but I got impatient. Plus as written there was, like, a ham hock to deal with, and I didn’t have that and suspected I could cheat a bit without it.

neveralovelysoreal replied to your post: I was out the other night when “Rill Rill” came on and it made me think of something. It’s a good song, but let’s be real— the lyrics are pretty dumb. I thought of a Stereogum post on the new Lana Del Rey video, which I think they liked, but they said the lyrics were stupid. Yes, but I wondered: what makes “National Anthem” dumb and “Rill Rill” cool? The lack of a P-Funk sample or MIA’s approval? What makes critically acclaimed music these days? I’m trying to figure it out. I thought of you.

You left out the part where the backlash/backlash-to-the-backlash/backlash-to-the-backlash-to-the-backlash cycle is coordinated. It’s mostly just a thinkpiece every other Tuesday if I’m remembering correctly.

These days we leave that for Richard Rushfield to organise.