Imagine your favorite character asks you to do their laundry because they are in a hurry and haven’t had time, and you are on your way to do your laundry anyway.
You agree and do so. But while you’re unloading their clothes, you come across some embarrassing items like pairs of hello kitty underwear and odd things like stuffed animals. Maybe even some quite kinky things are in there too.


jokes based around camo being invisible are some of my favorite jokes on earth.


[ pacific rim fashion ● striker eureka ] [ studs and spikes to be worn like badges of honour. wrap in leather and sprinkle with a healthy dose of accessories. go on and pick a fight. those boots were made for walking and kaiju fighting ]

Imagine Shopping with the Boys in a Modern Day Setting

She stepped out of the dressing room and twirled a few times for show, “Okay! What about this one?”

Edward lifted his head and took her in before rolling his eyes. “It’s lovely… As were the last six you tried on. Now can we go to the food court, love?”

“This is serious, Edward!  I need to find the perfect dress for-Ezio!” She scolded, causing him to look away from his phone, “Have you been texting this entire time?”

“Uh-I-Um…That dress is…” He stammered. “Am I in trouble?”

She stalked over and snatched his phone from his hand but before she could answer him, Altair and Arno emerged from the back of the store.

“Y/N, we found the perfect clutch for you!” Altair beamed and held out a metal cylinder.

She frowned…“No-No, Altair, that’s a can of beads. You know, for bedazzling stuff.”

“It's shiny and would be great to hold all that…” He gestured his pointer finger awkwardly around his mouth. “Lip-glob, you have.”

“You mean lip gloss?”

Altair was interrupted before he even began after Arno stepped in front of him. “That, is by far, the best dress I’ve seen all day!   Y/N, it’s you!”

Arno…” She sighed, “I know you and Edward are hungry, but I really need you to be serious. I only have a couple more things to try on.”

He shrugged and turned to Edward. “I tried.”

“As have we all, mate.” He replied.

Shaking her head, she turned to head back to the dressing room to find Connor standing quietly behind her. “They’re being idiots.” She complained.

With a shrug Connor nodded, “They’re trying to help, you know…” His voice trailed off and he frowned after seeing the other members of their party begin arguing over which food vendor to go to when the time finally came. “In their own dysfunctional sort of way.”

Not to raise any alarms, but...

Do any of the Demeter kids – or really anyone in general really – know what to do in the purely hypothetical situation where a totally foreign and non-indigenous plant breed starts acting… questionably?

Preference #9- Another boy tweets a picture of the two of you.

Louis Tomlinson: @real_liam_payne: ‘Come over’ they said, ‘It’ll be fun’ they said.

Liam Payne: @niallofficial: Tip: Never go grocery shopping with @Real_Liam_Payne and @Y/N.

Niall Horan: @harry_styles: I think they want to take a fish home.

Harry Styles: @Louis_Tomlinson: Now I see why @Harry_Styles keeps swerving. Both hands on the wheel, Styles.

I’m tired.

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So today was a pretty exciting day for 2 reasons

and those reasons were the opportunity to meet both of these ladies.

Zoie Palmer is hilarious, you wouldn’t pick it from watching Lauren in Lost Girl, but she is hilarious and has the most gorgeous hair I have always been jealous of Dr. Hotpants’ hair.

I got my season 2 DVD cover signed. She even gave a second little autograph with the tiny picture of her on the back. 

And I mean god, Lena Headey. LENA FUCKING HEADEY.  She is just breathtaking, and has the most lovely voice, and swears like a bloody sailor, and is also incredibly funny.  I AM TRYING HARD NOT TO JUST KEYBOARD MASH MY EXCITEMENT INTO NEXT YEAR.

Most people were getting her to sign Game of Thrones or Sarah Connor things.  

Not me.

I didn’t even have to ask her to write ‘you’re a wanker no. 9!!’ she just did it and this is one of my all time favourite movies I mean who’s not in love with Luce seriously I was like 'yep ok that’s it I am 100% confirmed a lesbian mystery solved.' 

I keep saying that I’m pretty much done with conventions on a whole, but then they keep bringing in these incredible people gaaaaaaah