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Hello Admins ^_^ I basically adore your account haha. So I really like infinite gifs and I wanted to know if you could post a gif for each member that makes you melt in cuteness hahah. Thank you :)

Well this is going to be long lol… Thanks for sending this in, you adorable person~ Gave me an excuse to stare at my Infinite gifs longer than I’d like to admit! ♡

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Positive!Anon challenges YOU: answer this with a nice message / compliment to a fellow Tumblr user & tag / mention them to make their day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pass on the challenge to the next FIVE on your dashboard. <3

Is there any way to compliment  every single roleplayer e v e r? – Seriously, y’all are so talented. Um, I’ll so some of the people I love tho.

chaoticiisms & chaoticapathy: I could write a fuckin novel about this woman, ya feel me? Sophie is my love, my life, my wife. – She can make me cry or laugh, and she never fails to brighten my day with her nerdiness or her writing. She can make me ship absolutely anything. She’s a little shit, but she’s MY little shit and I love her for it. Now, this is quickly becoming a just compliment Sophie more than usual post so I’ll stop.

influencedbyfear: Now, this person I have yet to have the pleasure of roleplaying with, but the mun took the time to write me one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. They’re incredibly talented, an excellent writer and I can’t wait until I have to opportunity to write with them.

inhxmancrystal: Is an amazing writer and such a sweetheart. – There’s not much else to say, they’re just a very sweet person all the way through. I’m so glad I write with them! 

greatxirresponsibility: I haven’t had a chance to really start writing with them, but the mun is INCREDIBLY talented and so sweet! – They’re really a lovely person to talk to (*cough* torture with aaron taylor-johnson pics *cough*) 

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I've like been only following your blog for a week but I LOVE you and your squad. I get on and you guys never FAIL to make me laugh. Taylor isn't going to drag y'all, no she is gonna praise y'all. Y'all are too funny to get rid of.


misshoneywheeler replied to your post “1) Your tags never fail to make me laugh. 2) Who would want Sansa to…”

Well now I want to know who you like to ship her with in fanon besides Jon lol.

*pulls up a chair because this will take a while*

Besides Jon, I like to ship her in fanon with:

  • Podrick Payne
  • Mya Stone
  • Brienne
  • Val
  • a conveniently not-married Garlan Tyrell
  • Oberyn Martell (mostly in a hot one-night stand kind of way)
  • Gendry (it would make no sense in canon, but that’s why it’s a fanon ship yo)
  • Willas Tyrell (it’s both a canon and a fanon ship for me, depending on the circumstances)
  • Grenn (because why the hell not)
  • Harry Karstark (because why the hell not)
  • and sometimes Margaery, but only in modern AUs, and even then I’m super super picky

And you know what, that’s probably not even the whole list, there are probably half a dozen other characters I’m forgetting about.

All the amazing support made me determined to finish this today, and I did! (And it’s luckily not even that late yet (; ). Also shout out to flapflaps for the support through reblogging my WIP earlier today <3 All these tiny encouragements keep me going (: 

Little princess bae Arin <3 One of my all-time favourite people, never fails to make me laugh and help me feel better no matter how down I get! uou