1. The only person you can count on 100% of the time is yourself.

2. It’s ok to cry and its ok to not get out of bed and its ok to say no or that you cant. You are trying your best.

3. You can’t swallow hollow words expecting to fill you up with substance.

4. You’re not always going to keep the good things and you’re not always going to be able to get rid of the bad things.

5. Sometimes you just need to scream.

6. You will be exhausted and you will want to take a handful of pills and never wake up again. You will write a suicide note and maybe say goodbye to the last good person you loved but honey you are the last good person and you have to realize that you are worth more that a note scribbled on a napkin and a handful of whatever you found in the medicine cabinet. You are worth the stars and I promise that you will get there, but not now, not today.

7. Pretty boys with blue eyes who smell like smoke are not the answer to whatever question you may have.

8. You can’t fly too close to the sun.

—  8 things I learned while I was 16 

The truth is that I am not okay. I am so scared. I don’t know what to do. I no longer have any friends, I don’t have people who care about me, the ones who claim they love me say it out of habit. The truth is that soon, I’m never going to wake up again, and no one is going to notice that I am gone. Because everybody has someone who is there for them and loves them unconditionally. Everybody but me.


      A little late, a little stumbling and heart aching I am
        wishing you a happy birthday my dearest Sunggyu. 
        My beloved muse, inspiration and safety -

                  I love you with all of my heart,
                                                now and forever.


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P-Town: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Drag Queen


Reunited in Avalon

It’s the same window she’d gaze out when she was alive. She’d watch the activity in the courtyard, anxiously waiting for Arthur and the knights to return from a mission. There was nothing to see outside the window now. No servants, no nobles, no guards, no knights, no Arthur. Merlin couldn’t tell her what was in store for her beyond Avalon’s mist, and she didn’t know how much time passed from the moment she drew her last breath to when she opened her eyes and found herself standing at the window, but it already felt too long. Was she to spend her time in death alone? No. She had hope. She always had hope. She stood straighter, young again, determined to see Arthur. 

That’s when she heard it. “Guinevere," her name caressed by the voice she longed to hear.

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