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I think I’m about to get emotional all over these selfies.

The reason being, as I’ve talked about before, in many queer spaces I’ve felt unwelcome and uninvited as a femme of colour, and part of the reason I started posting selfies on tumblr was so that I could create a space for myself in which I could be queer and femme and brown, a space in which somebody else couldn’t try and take that away from me. 

And so I did. But somehow, I was even luckier than that, and I stumbled upon a small corner of a fandom which is so queer and so accepting, a space in which I can be as femme and as girly as I really am, without people assuming that my femininity somehow takes away from my sexuality or my politics or my self. It’s one of the only queer spaces in my life in which I have been really comfortable and it’s had flow on effects -it’s made me much more comfortable in real life queer spaces -though ughs that’s still not always fun- but now, instead of feeling like I am too femme or too much, I feel like if other queer people want to judge me as too femme or too girly, then that’s their problem, not mine. 

So thank you, to all the people I hang around with on tumblr. You’re all so damned wonderful. And if you want to do the six selfies thing too, consider this a tag! 



how can a show that aims to address themes such as deeply entrenched misogyny and sexism and violence against women etc be so completely un-self-aware that it’s like “ya we should definitely tell this story w/ as many unnecessary white boys as possible while consistently under-utilizing our female characters hmm yes makes sense”  

this just in: roman holiday is in fact very very sad and i am crying


I got into New York Comic Con's Artist Alley today!! So to celebrate I finaaaally finished this painting that's been sitting around for ages. NYCC is a long way off so hopefully I will be able to do a whole superhero series by then! Either way… see you guys there! :)

Friendly reminder that in this scene Steve has been sitting in this bar under ongoing bombing until sundown, crying his eyes out in the place where he had an happy moment with Bucky

Friendly reminder that Steve Rogers was trying to get drunk and hoping to get hit by a bomb to end his suffering

because literally nothing else would have been able to kill him (and crashing a plane in the arctic didn’t turn out to be enough either)