never taken seriously

if schools actually cared about their lgbtqia students and actually wanted to do something effective make like a day of speaking or education or something. like drag every single goddamn kid into some auditorium or something and get it through their queerphobic heads how serious this is get into the messy shit w suicide rates and murders and the fact that this is what their way of thinking is doing and it is literally killing people. make them feel fucking bad. the day of silence is never going to be taken seriously by people who dont already care about lgbtqia people and all it does is turn us into a joke for honestly the majority of straight/cis high schoolers

HEY GUESS WHAT. There’s a good possibility I will be on tv. Not like some standing in the background on the news I mean full on I have an entire episode at least dedicated to me tv. I can’t give out the details yet but when I can I will. Basically I will be getting a make over a bunch of clothes voice coaching and more along with a bunch of other male to female transgenders. I have still have to crunch out the details with the producers and then I’ll be flown out to new York for filming but yeah. You all better be ready because this gal is going to take over your tv screens

listening to the Mama mini-album and feeling nostalgic af… #rlab 

I am so tired of being ignored! I am so tired of nobody listening to me! I have a fucking voice and I try to use it! But, nobody seems to hear me or take me seriously! This is fucking Bullshit! I am exahusted trying to do the best I can and no one even takes me seriously!! UGHHHHHHH! Fuck it all to hell! This is why I never did things! I feel so broken down!

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There's a girl in my class that got a Ted Bundy tattoo. She has a degree in Biomolecular technology but she was denied a chance for an internship because they didn't want to associate themselves with someone that sympathises with murderers. Their exact words

I cannot say I’m surprised. You’re never going to be taken seriously in that kind of field if you immortalise killers… Not only would it look bad on you, but also your employer. Yes, tattoos do not effect your ability to learn, but in this case, it’s not about that. You get tattoos of things you like. If you have a tattoo of a killer, people will assume you like them.

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Gemini confession: Geminis do get crapped on a lot. Speaking as a Gemini, I'm such a people-pleaser that I act really ignorant and oblivious to entertain my friends. I make a fool out of myself for their amusement, and then whenever I try to have a deep, relevant conversation with them or offer them advice, I'm never taken seriously. Plus, some think I can bear unwarranted ridicule because apparently I'm impervious or can't get angry. Bs, watch me ignore you and marginalize your opinions.

kakyoin was so young what the fukc h e was so young? he was just a child. this poor kid.  who was never taken seriously. im so mad. i just.

im taking him and IM RUNNING.


((So here is the vlog from yesterday ^^ Again sorry it’s so short and that we’re so derpy :’D This was never meant to be taken seriously but now that I’m starting to find more Ouran cosplayers around me, maybe we will make some serious videos :’D If we can manage to be serious for 5 seconds xD ~ Mun))

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Have you seen the hateful crap on the Sebaciel tag?

Yes I have!

This is something that I have seen all to often and has quite frustrated me actually. I completely understand why people don’t like sebaciel which is perfectly fine, however it does not give them the right to shame the ship as pedophila.

Yes, I understand that Ciel is roughly 14 and Sebastian is essentially old as time itself, but it’s fiction and whatever happens in fiction does not matter in real life and never should be taken as seriously as real life pedophila. 

As shippers I believe we are entitled to our ships and should be respected for our ships. I know for a fact that I myself as sebaciel shipper have not shunned or made fun of any other ships in the kuroshitsuji fandom. But to claim it as rape and underage pedophila is absolutely outrageous.

Take ereri for example. It is an underage ship, but it is more accepted then sebaciel. I understand that the age gap is not as big as it is in sebaciel but it’s still there and it receives a more positive view by the fandom then sebaciel.

People need to get over the fact that people ship what they ship, because nothing is going to stop them and criticism to the ship is only making the critic look like a worse person.

(Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that out :3)

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Nb & otherkin and I'm just really struggling with feeling like I'll never be taken seriously. Like I'm a joke to everyone (even if they don't realize it's me they're joking about) idk...I guess I'm just venting, sorry :$

i think ur first ask(s) were eaten by tumblr?

those ppl are assholes. block them if u can. u r not a joke (altho u do have to right to make jokes and puns abt ur identity(ies)) and u deserve to be taken seriously. i hope u find ppl who do that for you. 

also, dont apologise for venting, that’s sorta what we’re here for. support n breathing space n shit. 

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Can I just say Hillary being president would be BAD for foreign relations in the Middle East? If she met with their leaders, who happen to be from countries where Shariah law is the law, she'd probably be laughed out of the building and never be taken seriously. At least, that's my view anyway.

Well I hardly think we should be basing our election decisions on what would please sharia law, but I think she would be a terrible president for a host of other reasons.

i hate when youre having some sort of issue, and you bring it up to talk about or something, and someone invalidates it by bringing up their own problem, thus turning the attention from you to them. it creates an environment in which you feel your feelings will never be taken seriously, and where you don’t care about the other persons feelings because it feels like they just bring them up for attention and to invalidate your own. 

if someone brings something up, put your own issues to the side for the moment, and make sure they know their feelings and issues are important. pay attention to them and let them open up. if you have something you need to talk about, bring it up at a later time in order to not devalue them and their feelings. feelings jams are also good, an environment in which everyone gets to gush and empathize with one another, and everyone feels heard and respected.

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You completely misinterpreted my point about self-diagnosis and made it about depression and negative feelings. My point was that self-diagnosis has allowed Autism to become something trendy for tumblrites to slap on their blog as an excuse for their shitty actions, which stereotypes people like us and makes it harder for us to be taken seriously. NEVER self-diagnose, because it's 100% possible you might not be Autistic, and just have some similar symptoms.

As I said in my last answer: Yes, self diagnosis doesn’t conclusively mean that they are Autistic. Self diagnosed Autistics would know that. Many self diagnosed people will also become professionally diagnosed when they are safe and able to do so. I have heard many stories where self diagnosis has lead to professional diagnosis.

Why on earth would anyone choose to be Autistic anyway? That’s like saying that people choose to be gay! Being Autistic - or gay - is not inherently bad (I personally love it), but it leads to a whole bunch of difficulties in life - difficulties that you won’t experience if you’re Allistic/Neurotypical (or straight).

I would expect people who are self diagnosed to say they’re self diagnosed when saying they’re telling someone they’re Autistic, and I think most do.

I share the same concerns to an extent, but I think that more good than harm can come from self diagnosis. People who self diagnose are only looking for answers. It’s likely they have a different disorder and are neurotaypical ANYWAY, even if they’re not Autistic.

I just want to share something really fast…

Due to my interest in tickling, I am really a genuinely shy, quiet person. I’m reserved, never even mutter the word “tickle” or any other word that is considered sexual in my brain (aside from some great “that’s what she said” jokes…). I do this to ensure that no one even suspects anything, but there are a few downsides. Due to the way I act, people consider me to be completely and extremely innocent and childish; a wallflower. I’m never taken seriously. It’s almost as if they think I’m 12 again (news flash: I was developing a fetish by then.. But it’s not like I have the guts to admit that).

I was just wondering if you fellow kinksters experience this as well, or if I’m just friends with some serious fuckers?