The key, though, win or lose, is not to fail. And the only way to fail is not to fight. So you fight until you can’t fight anymore. Hold up you head and enter the arena, and face the enemy. Fight until you can’t fight anymore, never let go, never give up, never run, never surrender. Fight the good fight, you fight even when it seems inevitable that you’re about to go down swinging.

Why do we even try, when the barriers are so high, and the odds are so low. Why don’t we just pack it in and go home? It’d be so, so much easier. It’s because in the end, there’s no glory in easy. No one remembers easy. They remember the blood. And the bones. And the long agonizing fight to the top. And that is how you become legendary.
—  Dr. Amelia Shepherd
Growing stronger

Exactly 48 hours pull free, and going strong! This is the longest I’ve been in months!

I had started to feel like this would never happen. The pulling was so bad all the time. I kept trying and failing day after day, but now I feel hopeful!

I start with a new therapist this month, so I’m hopeful that my progress will continue! I’m growing stronger every day!

Never give up. You never know when hope could be just around the corner.

I gaze out at the horizon
At the sun, sinking with with dignity.
And my mind trails off
To thoughts of thunder and lightening
To the storm, that will mercilessly shred me
And yet, fuel my very existence.
But I wait, patiently
For the fire will rise.
It will rise again, with pride and honour
And again
I will burn.
Burn, like my restless spark commands.
Burn, like the phoenix, that will rise again.

You’re going to make many mistakes in your life, but I think the worst mistake that you can make is to not give it your all. Die on a treadmill. Throw up at the finish line. Your body can handle it. Run through the pain because I promise that stopping hurts more than the stinging pain of being average. Let people say the venomous phrase “you can’t do it”, but never let what they say lessen your want for self-improvement. Never let go of the dream you want to badly. There will always be someone better than you are, but there will never be another person just like you. Let a fire spark in your heart, and let go of the past. Make the many defeats persuade you to try harder. Some days will be harder than other, but you will always be stronger than whatever the day will throw your way. Don’t stop until you are where you want to be.

I just love how Taylor’s label was like “hey could you put some country songs on this album it won’t sell” and Taylor was like no sorry this is how I want it. And 1989 sold more albums in 3.5 months than Red did in two years. Nice.


Frking Theo Walcott