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So a certain somebody popped this idea into my head. Remember how Isayama said he would only hint at romance and that it would be shown “in between the panels”?

What if Mikasa did actually get to kiss Eren but it’s really just in between those two panels? Isayama is just leaving us all in suspense. 

Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up but this was an interesting thought.

"whats wrong?"

"oh nothing, just one half of my otp thought he was going to die so he closed his eyes and said her name so that it was the last thought he ever had in his life. then she rescued him with a perfect headshot and he turned around and saw her standing there like the perfect angelic badass heroine that she is and couldn’t believe she had some back for him and then he told her she can never risk her life for him again and then she told him that she cared about him and they were both tearing up and then he said thanked her and said she can never do that again.

thats all”

[Letty]’s been through a lot. Her arc in this one is just about that frustration. Your entire life is made up of memories. And everything you share with all the people you love, it’s made up of memories. When you don’t have that, you lose a connection. And when you have a family that’s ready to die for each other like that, you feel that sense of loyalty but you don’t understand why, because you don’t have the pictures in your head to put it all together. It can really get at you. Especially if you’re in a love situation, where you’re enamored by this person and you’re in love with them, but they have all these memories that you can’t share with them. You feel like you’re being cheated of a life. And I think that her arc has become really, really interesting because of that. 

- Michelle Rodriguez (x)

You breathe, breathe, breathe fire not air, it runs in your veins, victory is so so so very near [his name, you think, should have been yours; you’re never never never quite enough]

Kill Me Heal Me ep 18 feels: a summary

Childhood flashbacks

Oh Ri Jin: But I don’t have money

Shin Se Gi: I have money. Cha Do Hyun’s black card.

Because he blamed himself and thought she died he took on her name and created Nana in memory of her

Alex: If you do well I think it will be enough with half of that

Se Gi: I will not use violence. Damn it. Damn it.

Ri Jin shoves her finger up Alex’s nose??????


"Mr. Cha who came to look for me every night while putting his life on the line. You were my savior and hope." And she gifts him her name.

Dad ahjussi and Perry ahjussi becoming bffs

Yo Sub giving his noona a goodbye peck

Oppa! Oppa!

No!!!Please seester!

Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin  pillow talk

CDH pretending to be Yo Na but Oppa is no fool

"Party A and Party B stay together no matter what hardships they may face"