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oh no i just had another awful gamzee related thought

what if aranea does hear john insult her relevance and mind control gamzee to attack him for the ring gollum vs bilbo style and john promptly flips the fuck out and tries to zap away only to zap infinite gamzees throughout the comic like he did his arm and the oil



Sourin drabble (anon request): doggy!Sousuke doesn't like sharing his time with kitty!Rin with kitty!Haru

Sousuke doesn’t like cats but he likes Rin. 

He likes the way Rin curls up next to him on the couch and the sound of his purrs when Sousuke rubs just behind his ears. Sousuke likes that Rin is a little smaller than him and how he blushes when Sousuke compliments him. And Sousuke likes the way Rin goes home smelling of him.

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Exactly one year ago.. today.. we broke up. For the first time anyways but I guess you could call it the time we officially broke up because after that, nothing was ever the same. Funny thing is I didn’t think I would survive a month without you, let alone a year. I also didn’t think I would ever love again. Infact, I was damn sure of it that I would never love again.

Yet here we are, a year later and I’ve learnt to smile once more. I’ve learnt to love once more. I’ve fallen for the boy with the devilish smile and this time I am not lost in it. It keeps me grounded. For every tear I shed, I feel as if he made me smile twice that amount. For every tear I shed, he made me laugh. I am thankful to God.. for healing me.. and for blessing me with this wonderful being in my life who has helped me forget the sadness you put me through.



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~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #77

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That is pretty damn racist hoping that Blaine's mom is not white. Darren's Dad is White where his Mom is Filipino. It could be the opposite for Blaine where his mom is white and his dad is Filipino. It's okay to be white. It is okay to be Black. It is okay to be Filipino. It is okay be Mexican. It does not matter what ethnicity someone is because they are who they are just like you are who you are. If you're not trying to come off racist, that post you made certainly is coming off that way.



ok but how about blaine’s mom as filipino tho


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fuck im laughign so hard i’m so sorry for spreading trash on your dash ((heyyy that rhymed im gonna make that my catch phrase)) anyway for those who asked for this i hope you’re regretting it have a good day 

tagging yesung , soojuhg , minsugoi, naughtaelistsugatv, markthehohoho, jiminparks, jiminipssanta-suga, seokjinskim , junguibongttaejpgaegyoh @ whoever haahha i’m adios 

i can’t stop thinking about carmilla and laura at a party or smth

and laura is sitting on the couch and carmilla has her head on laura’s lap and they’re just chilling

and these girls keep giving oblivious laura death stares bc carmilla is hot and why does that innocent probably really boring and annoying girl get to date carmilla

and laura of course doesn’t notice but carmilla does and she knows exactly how to get a kick out of this (carmilla has been sexy for 300 years she knows what she’s doing)

and carmilla just starts nuzzling into laura’s stomach and kissing her and holding her hand and all this really fluffy gooey adorable shit

and the girls are just devastated and laura is just like “gosh carm you’re such a dweeb”

and i don’t know i just really like thinking about this