Processo a Processo alla Tappa: 18ᵃ  Tappa

With only two more stages and the parade into Milano left, we’re in the homestretch of Giro d’Italia 2015. It feels like polemica of 2014 (I’m thinkin crashfest into Bari and the Stelvio descent) was more incendiary, but I think the overall quality of Processo alla Tappa 2015 has been stellar, consistently packed with little WTF moments. Today’s episode featured deluxe rider guests including stage winner Philippe Gilbert, 4th place GC Andrey Amador, Sylvain Chavanel, Rinaldo Nocentini, and Francesco Manuel Bongiorno. (That’s TWO “riders to look at” list alumni, which made this a very pleasant Processo episode to look at.)

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