needed actors for vegasstuck panel!

hey there frond! so im gonna do a panel for otakon and i need some actors! all you have to do is send me a message and submit a picture and we will see! so start sending in those messages and pictures of your lovely faces! you must be comfortable with giving me your skype!
parts a available are:
eridan tavros


Alright so renostuck is a go!

After rounding some people both here and in person, I have finished the ideas for my first planned meetup!

The meet up will be on July 12, 2013

The meet up will be held at Comstock park, Reno, NV

It will be from noon, and the ending time is not yet discussed.

Cosplay is welcome and encouraged, but if you plan on using gray paint, please seal it or IWILLcome after you with baby powder.

Again, cosplay is completely allowed, but be aware that we will be in a public location, so strange looks are likely.

This is contemplated for being a picnic stuck, so bring some food, and also a few blankets. I will make a few things for this, but I don’t want anybody going hungry.

I will also be bringing sidewalk chalk and sketch pads, so we will have times to draw like dorks, okay?

There will be a photoshoot if people do decide to cosplay.

Games are being discussed (Truth or Dare  and spin the Faygo bottle were suggested, but I’m not sure if people are comfortable with those options, so we can talk about it there.).

Have fun and be nice.

No dicking off to other people, please.


okay so my sollux just quit on me so i need a sollux! now this time it wont be first come first serve. i will be enforcing the skype and a picture of your self (cosplay or no cosplay). i also need your height. i just would prefer a taller sollux.
also tavros and equius are open spots i would love to fill!

OKAY ALL the actors i have so far listen up!

since im useless and shitty i need yall to send a simple message saying your part and skype please. apparently my sollux(co-host) messed up on keeping track of everyone! its either that or sollux is planning on starting the auditions all over or giving away your part if you do not do so! im sorry for his buttness :/ again i am so sorry for all of this!!!