Bruh. It was so good. First off I was going with this guy that I used to have a crush on and like that’s weird and we talked about it and Idk but he was super tired and stoned so he left (like its fucking neutral milk hotel, why?). He didn’t even say goodbye he left me at the enterance. Hearing sound heck was soooo cool cuz like the whole time I was like “that’s neutral milk hotel, I can hear them, this is real”. , my mom/mentor yokomolotov was there and I LOVED seeing her, she is such a positive presence in my life and I love being her son. There were people from school that are cool so I watched with them. It was rainy but it didn’t storm like it was supposed to do that was good. Durring the show I was dreaming loosing it danceing and singing and ugh. It felt like I was the only punk kid in a sea of aloof “indie kids” lol. There were so many hot guys and it made me sad but Neutral milk hotel was so good I can’t even. Freaking Julian on stage and Jeff ugh I can’t even. Well I’m gonna finnish the flask and watch Netflix.

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Gom+Kagami+Hanamiya's reactions when their s/o comes out as agender?

KUROKO and MIDORIMA listen attentively as you tell them that you are agender, asking respectful questions about how it is defined and what pronouns to use. They are both quick to assure you this new information does not change the way they feel about you, and spend time researching for themselves afterwards- moreso Midorima, who might not feel comfortable asking you too many questions outright, unlike Kuroko who finds communicating about subjects like this a lot easier.

AKASHI is very similar to Kuroko and Midorima; he asks questions about anything he doesn’t immediately understand, and is the quickest to adapt to the correct ways to refer to you. His only concern is that his father might not approve of your non-traditional gender identity and try to interfere, but his feelings for you are paramount and unchanged- if that becomes an issue, it is one that he will not back down on.

KISE, AOMINE and KAGAMI are initially confused by the concept of not having a gender, and you might need some patience when it comes to explaining the details. Once they understand, however, they’re completely on board and accepting. Aomine especially might slip up every now and then with pronouns, and accidentally refer to you as a boy/girlfriend instead of ‘partner’ or similar, but all three try their very hardest to change their thinking and speaking habits as quickly as they can to the correct terms.

MURASAKIBARA isn’t phased at all by your revelation; all that matters to him is that you still love him, because he still loves you. He can see that this is a really important thing for you though, so he does his best to show you that he appreciates your trust in him, pulling you into one of his bear hugs and even allowing you one of his precious nerunerunerune candies.

As much of a sadistic asshole as HANAMIYA is, you’re important to him so he’s on his best behaviour when you come out to him. This is, thankfully, one of the very rare topics that he doesn’t take as something to use as a weapon to tease or wound, because he knows that would be curtains for your relationship.


Trend of the week: Spring Neutrals

Practically everyone has been talking about it this season – ditch the bright spring colors and opt for more basic and neutral schemes. I’m a huge fan of this idea because I know for a fact that many bold colors don’t necessarily flatter everyone, including me. For example, the only bright colors that really look good on me (in my opinion) are blue and pink, so the overrated spring color trend doesn’t exactly work for me. Also, this new color scheme is completely unexpected. Winter is for neutrals, and spring/summer is for bright colors. I have now discovered that neutrals are year-round, it’s just the little things that differentiate these colors from season to season. As you may already know, I did dark and cool neutrals this January (which you can find here), and that is the exact way to style neutrals for the winter. Spring is the complete opposite – light and warm neutrals. The only thing breaking that rule in this outfit is my chambray top (it’s cool), but it’s such a light shade that it fits in perfectly with the rest of the outfit. I achieved this look by taking my white skirt from Loft (that I can finally wear without being judged due to Spring) and pairing it with a pale pink top from Urban Outfitters that is so light it almost looks white like the skirt. The similar colors create a pseudo monochrome look, which is also definitely in this season. To add a touch of color, I layered my favorite chambray shirt over the outfit. Honestly, I would have worn chunky white sandals with this outfit to continue the color scheme, but unfortunately, all of the shoes I own are dark. However, the single touch of black adds emphasis and contrast to the outfit that ended up working perfectly. Outfits can also have the principles of design, just like art. And even my almost platinum hair matched with the light neutrals in this outfit! The simplicity of this color scheme is going to be all over stores pretty soon, so I would suggest in investing in lighter neutrals to add to your closet. The best part about them is that they match with everything if you do decide to find a bold color to wear this Spring. 

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been tryna decide if i want to bother asking people to call me by a diff name since i don’t like the “feminine” connotation my real name carries (and i’ve attached it to the femalie identifying aspect of my life, so it defs feels not right) but idk how difficult, or awkward, that’d be for my friends and family idk

Ehhhhh, it’s not the time to change my icon yet, there’s still Aries birthdays going on… but I’m really tired of looking at my icon and I want to change it already lol

Then again I have no idea what I should change it to so I shouldn’t rush or anything lol

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I'm a tad confused if im pro choice or pro life because I believe that it should be the potential mothers choice but I would never get an abortion does that make me not actually pro choice?

It depends on how you want to identify tbh.
Like if you’re politically pro-choice, but personally pro-life, I’d say you’re pro-choice, since it is your choice to not have an abortion, but if you are against abortion period then you’d be pro-life, but again, all in how you want to identify. Also, please note that not only women have abortions, trans men and nonbinary people due too! Please keep all general language gender neutral! As I try to keep this blog as gender neutral as possible! Thank you! :D (P.S. good gender neutral terms for mother are pregnant person and/or parent!)


Aside from my internship I have also started thinking a lot about my final collection which I will officially start in September. I have always been interested in Androgyny, in particular I have been exploring the idea of not making womenswear or designing menswear, but designing clothes as clothes and ignoring gender. In order to bring fashion forward we must ignore the stereotypes of what is acceptable for men and women to wear and look at clothing as a selfish act identifying what is suited to you. A new exhibition at Selfridges portrays this perfectly. The exhibition is named He She Me. Gender is ignored and it is about finding clothes for you. The exhibition features a range of designer clothing from Comme De Garcon, Hood By Air, Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto,  Gareth Pugh and many many more that have all been selected as Agender. Creating a collection that is gender neutral is definitely something i want to research more and perhaps look at doing for my final collection. This video was made as part of the exhibition which I found online. "He, She, Me" Devonté Hynes & Neneh Cherry from Kathryn Ferguson on Vimeo.


i am so fucking sick to death of androgyny = masculinity. i am so fucking sick of the face of gender neutrality being thin white afab ppl with 50′s hair and button-up shirts. i am so fucking sick. of. bow. ties.