Steel Circles and Super Moon

There was a lot of excitement online (at least in some circles) about the supermoon which for us occurred just minutes after the mathematical peak of the full moon.  Though we didn’t have a good enough lens on the camera to capture it, we did have fun capturing what we did.  

Eliza brought our her telescope and was able to get a great view of the craters and features on the moon.  She easily tracked the moon as it rose and ducked in and out from behind the clouds.

To keep our active kids busy I brought my last two pieces of fine steel wool and let each boy do a couple of steel circles.  They had a blast! 

Déjà vu moment. Hot coffee and treats. Felt like “home” again for a few hours yesterday while shooting at home like the recent good ol’ days in Netzaberg. Germany, I miss you dearly.