Be a true investment to your SD

What does your sugar daddy do? Do you know anything about that line of work?

Let’s face it. We are all classy girls who are hot, smart, and give men the greatest sex on earth. He is spending a lot of money on you….as he damn right should be. But as much as we support each other, everyday there are new babies popping up. Some may feel pretty secure in their arrangement, but as a sugar baby. … you need to show his investment is best.

Here is a idea. Help him.

Is he a doctor? What kind? Guess what girls, you know a shit ton of people. Can you refer him to someone you know? YES.

Is he a lawyer? I’m pretty sure you have a friend who is constantly getting into trouble. Refer them to him. ’ He helped me with my parking tickets ’ ’ He helped me with such n such ‘

Make sense? Networking is key. Those who network are successful. Chances are, help him succeed and he will want to keep you AND spoil you more.

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My mentor lives by this axiom: Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone. When I receive vague requests or long-winded emails, it tells me you haven’t done your homework and you’re looking to me to fill in the blanks and assemble the pieces. It also tells me that you don’t understand that time is the most valuable commodity we know of. Every request need not be met with hours spent in a coffee shop. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, a Skype session, or an email connection/gchat. I’ll always help someone when they send a brief email outlining specifically what they want. Don’t underestimate the smallness of a request because specificity will make inroads faster than me issuing a team of private investigators to decode your email.
—  Felicia Sullivan
So, you want to be a vet... what next?

 I thought I would spread the word about this particular site (VIN) and what it can offer veterinary students or those considering applying to veterinary school.

Common questions those of vetblr get asked are:

1. what is vet school like? 

2. is it the career for me? 

4. and how do I prepare for vet school?

This site here: answers these questions and more. The homesite for this page is:

For both vets and veterinary students, I recommend joining VIN - the Veterinary Information Network. This is a great resource for those research projects, exotic animal doses and asking fellow members of the veterinary community medical questions. 

The site is here:

I am still learning how to use all this site offers, and I hope it helps other vetblrs out there!

Honest networking recruiters be like:

"Open-minded ka bang tanga ka? Handa mo bang ibenta ang putanginang cellphone mo para maging house and lot with pangkabuhayan showcase? Gusto mo kumita ng isang milyon kada lintek na isang buwan? Tara na magpaalipin ka sa akin para putangina ikaw naman maghakot para lalo akong yumaman."

Web Servers Can See Your IP

Hacker News recently had a link to a blog on about how WebRTC is leaking. Big words, but what does it mean for you? Here’s what is happening: Web servers can see your internal IP address. To give an example of what I am talking about, on a windows computer, open up your command prompt and type in ipconfig

You’ll see your IP address, which, if you are home will look something like 192.168.X.X

That is your internal IP address for your home or work network. Typically, the IP address that you appear as to the internet is different and can be found by clicking here (

You’ll see that your internal and external IP addresses are different. Ideally, your internal IP address is not seen by the outside world, but WebRTC is leaking it and if someone were to be malicious, they would be able to see your internal IP address if they can get you to go to their web server.

What is WebRTC?

According to Wikipedia, WebRTC is an Application Program Interface (API) used for browser to browser communications without the need of plugins. Browser to browser communication includes video and voice chat, file transferring, and instant messaging. WebRTC is supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

How does it affect me?

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, your browser will use WebRTC to communicate with a web server by default. A bad guy can use the vulnerability in the WebRTC API to get you to give him your IP address. Here’s how to see if your browser is vulnerable: 

Go to which was created by Daniel Roesler. It will look like:

Except I redacted my IP addresses. If you see your local IP address displayed, that means your browser is supporting WebRTC, and this web server is getting your internal IP address.

You can stop this from happening by turning off the WebRTC support in your browser, but I only did this for Firefox, so I’m only going to show the fix for Firefox.

Open up a new tab and type in about:config . Firefox says that playing around with the about:config might void your warranty so you need to be careful. Tell them you will, because you will.

Search for media.peerconnection.enabled and toggle it so that it is false.

Now, you can go back to that test link or you can click it here. You’ll see that now, the test page cannot see your local IP address.

My IP address changes, why should I care?

Right, you may be on WiFi, so your workstation may not have a static IP address, and so just because some bad guy has your IP address, you don’t need to be worried. If your a workstation, it may not be a big deal. The real problem is when an important server (important servers usually have static IP addresses) gives away its IP address to a bad guy, because it was using Chrome/Firefox/Opera. Now if a bad guy wanted to ex-filtrate some data from your network, they have skipped the step of looking around for important servers. They already know the IP of the server with the sensitive data. The bad guys process has been expedited because they already know where they need to go, instead of looking around.

Servers may not need to do browser to browser communications, and so if you have Firefox on a server you deem important, it may be wise to disable WebRTC support. It will make the bad guys work harder, which is less of a lose for you.

We are SO PROUD of #Barbizon Alumni Jesse Hernandez (@jessehofficial) for moving forward with his Acting Career and networking his way to the top! Check him out on the #RedCarpet for the Neutrogena and OK! Magazine’s Oscar #AfterParty! Keep going Jesse, we’re rooting for you! #Actor #OKMagazine #AcademyAwards #Oscars #BarbizonFamily #Networking #Talent #GetDiscovered @TheAcademy (at W Hotel Roof Top Pool And Club)

mxaghost asked:

How do you network and make connections with others? Are there any quick tips? I'm a very introverted person whose only interaction is work, college, and online.

Hmm. That’s tough. Let me give some background on how I went about things at a young age. Maybe that will help?

I got AOL back in ‘96 or ‘97. I was really into hardcore and punk rock music. So I started talking to people on and the AOL chat rooms. Then I went to more shows. And started talking to people in bands and at distros, and people who just going to see the bands, because we’d see each other every week at multiple shows. And those base relationships grew and I got to meet more people and it just kept growing. 

Being 15 and 16 and just talking with and to people who shared the same interests as me helped. Because, while I wasn’t super shy or introverted, I still wasn’t the social media idiot I am now. Are there other people at your job, or around your school who are into some of the same things as you? Start, for lack of a better word, a club to talk about and enjoy things together. 

Unfortunately, you kind of have to put yourself out there. Which I realize is much easier said than done, especially if you’re not into heavy social interactions. But, really, what’s the worst that can happen? Someone doesn’t want to be your friend or connect with you? Well, you weren’t friends with them before, right? You were doing well without ‘em, and you’ll still be fine. But I bet there’s a good chance that someone else, who’s thinking similar things, and looking for similar folks to hang out with, isn’t far away. And you will connect and share the highest of fives.

And, hey, maybe someone who reads this post checks out your tumblr and is like, “that person’s rad” and wants to connect and you’ve already won!

The Bow Tie Guy

Finally made it to Des Moines to meet real people. I went to the Young ProfessionalsConnection meeting on networking. The keynote was Danny Beyer, a bow-tie-wearing rising professional speaker who followed his passion after some great advice to quit making excuses and start making a website! His speaking career soon took off after just one Facebook post he made, inviting his friends to check his site for grammatical errors. Nice one!

Danny came to YPC to speak about networking. He gave some amazingly useful tips about wall flowers, introductions, and how to get out of those convos that have run their course. My favorite part of the night is when Danny inspired us to overcome any fear, hesitation, or precaution of ours and ask those in our network for favors to help us out when we could really use it. 

By the way, Danny also handed me a signed copy of his book the Ties that Bind. (Thanks Danny!)