After seeing Age of Ultron I just have so many feels that I need to share with others so I’ve decided to make a network dedicated to Earth’s mightiest heroes.


Looking for:

  • People who love Marvel and the Avengers
  • Multifandom or Marvel blogs (as long as you post any marvel)
  • Active, friendly bloggers
  • Clean blogs with neat themes and a tagging system


  • A follow from me
  • Follow from the other members
  • A spot on this network page
  • A chat where you can fangirl all about the avengers 
  • New friends :)
  • People to reblog your gifs/edits/selfies

Other Info:

  • You have until May 30th to apply
  • I will choose around 15 members, or more depending on the applicants
  • Track the tag #avengersrecruitnet for updates
  • If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me :)

Good luck!! <3

(emojis and header curtesy of wiley)


- selfie reblogs
- post reblogs
- bunch of followers
- cool hoebag friends
- an imessage groupchat
- elite hoebag status

- must reblog this post !
- must be following our 5 main admins:
- fill out this form:
🍑 🍑



Do you love your lemon tree? Or are you a lemon stealing whore? Then this network is for you! 


-Be a top grade meme lord. That’s the most important thing

-mbf me

-must reblog this post. Likes are for bookmarking! 

-fill out the application 

Benefits/ if you get accepted

-rad new meme loving fucks to commiserate with

-new mutuals

-people to reblog your selfies/ original posts

-cah games and the like

-track the tag #lemonstealingnet

I’ll choose when this gets enough notes!

(if it gets none this never happened okay)

Fire Emblem: Awakening Fictionkin Network!

network page;application;admin 1;admin 2

how to join:


  • fighting/argument/etc. will not be tolerated. no exceptions. everyone must get along or else the offending parties will promptly be kicked out until the issue is resolved.
  • it’s okay to be uncomfortable with doubles, but talking down on others who share your kintype will not be tolerated, especially if the target is not within the group. you may specify if you are comfortable with doubles or not on your application.
  • violence or threats of violence toward any members will not be tolerated. if hate in any shape or form is being sent to other members, even and especially if anonymously, the perpitrator will be found out and promptly be kicked out.
  • you must be following both admins, and you must reblog this post. you do not have to follow every member if you do not want to, however.
  • if while part of the group you encounter an issue with another member, please bring it up to one of the admins. they will either defer you to the other admin or take care of the issue themselves. we will assure all of our members feel safe in our network.


  • skype group to make new kin friends!
  • meeting people from your canons!
  • a unique opportunity to discuss fe:a-specific kin things, memories, and other related things in a tightly-knit group, as well as being able to discuss the game in general, have open chat, and make new friends who you can go to if you need anything!
  • a new group of nerds to meme with!
  • we cater to all needs; if you aren’t okay with kin doubles, we will be sure not to accept anyone with a shared kintype into the network. the network is first come first served, however, so if someone who is okay with sharing has applied and their application is being processed or accepted, anyone who applies with the same kintype afterward who is not okay with sharing will be denied. this is for your own safety as well as the safety of our members.

happy joining! we hope to see you soon!

♡ shrinking violet network ♡ 

shrink·ing vi·o·let 

noun ; an exaggeratedly shy person. 

 ♡ rules ♡ 

• mbf me 

• reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks) 

• fill out this application 

• this post must get at least 60 notes 

 ♡ pros ♡ 

• new friends 

• promos 

• a cool new group chat 

 ♡ looking for ♡ 

• all genders 

• friendly bloggers 

• music lovers 

• people with smartphones/ipods 

 ♡ to better your chances ♡ 

• come talk to me! i don’t bite 

• tag posts with #shrinkingvioletnetwork 

• have an ‘about me’ page 

 ♡ if you’re accepted ♡ 

• you’ll get a spot on this network page 

• you’ll be a part of a new group chat 

• a puppy? 

 good luck! x

as promised, here it is! the harrison wells (eobard thawne) network!


  • follow me? you don’t have to though
  • reblog this post
  • likes count ONLY as bookmarks (really guys)
  • fill out this survey (it’s really quick)


  • a place to talk about your favourite villain
  • hate free
  • all ships accepted
  • promos
  • new friends and followers
  • a spot on the network’s page

  • applications starting may 4th
  • ending june 4th (I’ll start adding members earlier tho)
  • track the tag wellsnet
  • must reach 20 notes (please guys I really want to do this)

hey friends it’s a network for people who are maximoff trash like us


  • mbf wanda and pietro
  • fill out this survey
  • reblog this post
  • needs to get like 20 notes or we’ll die of embarrassment
  • submissions end may 19


  • + follow from all network members
  • a spot on the network page
  • a safe place to cry about the twins

what we’re looking for

  • friendly bloggers
  • multifandom is preferred, but all-marvel is fine too! :)
  • people who love these precious mutant babies
  • that’s it that’s the list


| admin 1| | admin 2 | | net page | | apply | we’ll give you the badge once you’re accepted !

do you like smexy butlers and demon memes? kuroshit net is the perfect net for you!

  • rules:

+ reblog this (please dont just like !) and fill out the application (all questions,if possible!)

+ like black butler??

+ be nice and dont be rude!

+ follow the admins !

+ track the tag #kuroshitnet

  • benefits:

+ new friends yay

+ a skype chat if we get a decent amount of members!

+ selfie,art,promo reblogs (or anything else you’d like reblogged!)

  • other:

+ if this gets no notes forget this ever happened lol

+ apply whenever ! we’ll accept members once there are enough applications,,

+ good luck~!

so since owari no seraph is kinda new we haven’t seen a lot of networks for it & bc we’re nerds and we love ons we decided to make one :’)                   basically a network for ons fans to discuss and talk about new episodes, chapters, life , etc. 。 (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


  • mbf me and joe
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count but are okay to bookmark)
  • fill out this application form 
  • must reach at least 20 notes or this never happend shhh 
  • applications end on june 13th 

looking for:

  • nice, friendly bloggers (ᴖ◡ᴖ)
  • people who enjoy owari no seraph anime and/or manga 
  • anime blogs (multifandom is fine tbh) 


  • a spot on the network page
  • promos 
  • cool new mutuals and friends to talk to
  • notes on edits & selfies ♥

if you’re accepted:

  • you’ll get an ask from us so keep your ask box open ^.^ 
  • add a link to the network somewhere your blog 
  • submit icon & short description for the net page (details will be in the ask)
  • track the tag #owarinonetwork

if you have questions feel free to hmu

            the official art hoe network is here!!🎨✨

              network | application | members
☁️ meet new people who have the same interests as you!!

☁️ meet new people who love art as much as you do!

☁️ share your own art with supportive others ((if you are an artist or active doodlist))

☁️ become buds with a lot cool and nice people

☁️ endless promos, selfie reblogs and tumblr/theme help

☁️ new pen pals!!

☁️ follow all the admins!! leah, faye, cassaundra, n jingju

☁️ fill out this survey

☁️ reblog this post

☁️ follow the net blog

for a better chance:
☁️ talk to us we wanna get to know all of you!!

☁️ reblog some of our original posts

☁️ tag arthoenetwork with anything u want us to see

we’ll be picking blogs for the network once this post gets a decent amount of notes; now get reblogging bubs!!🐝💛✨

Teen Wolf Writers Appreciation Network

So I’ve been wanting to start up a network for a while now, to give the writers in the Teen Wolf fandom the love they deserve. 

What I have in mind is a tag that anyone can use (and is encouraged to use), where people would tag their compliments, fic recs, and fic edits. We’d focus on making sure the authors knew how much we love them, (with a special emphasis on promoting/spreading the word about writers who aren’t yet “tumblr famous”)

I’m also throwing around the ideas of having special events? Such as awards, gifts, and maybe a weeklong extravaganza dedicated to writers.

The basics of the network would be:

  • Promoting authors and fics (especially newcomers and writers with a smaller fan base)
  • Edits for fics. Things like photosets, gifsets, playlists, art, whatever you want.
  • Bringing about a major increase in asks letting the writers know you enjoyed their fics and their writing!
  • Fun stuff like promos, awards, and gifts.
  • An overall encouragement in the appreciation of our writers.

Depending on the response, there will most likely be a few moderators chosen to help organize things. I’ll make a new post later on with the details and tag it #writersappreciationnw.

Right now what I need is for you guys to let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in, and any ideas you might have for the network. To make this happen we need people!

Has this gorgeous green god taken over your life? Are you hopeless pepe trash like us? Then this is the network for you!

why the fuck would i do that to myself?

  • fun group chat where we cry about the rarest pepes
  • new friends
  • help with reaching follower goals, edits, advice
  • selfie/post reblogs

okay then, how do i join?

  • follow the admins clara and rachel
  • reblog this post (you can like it to bookmark it)
  • fill out this form
  • 10-15 members will be chosen may 25th

if you get in

  • track the tag #thepepesquad
  • follow the other members
  • think about your life choices
  • have fun :)))

Questions? Ask me here.

*:・゚✧ THE MILK NETWORK  *:・゚✧

Application | Network page | Badge 

How to join

If chosen/beneficts

  • Your blog link on the network page
  • Put the badge on your blog
  • Promos
  • I’ll reblog a tons from you
  • I’ll be there to help you whenever you need me (codes and themes stuff, promos …)

This network is always open, so reblog anytime! 

Feel free to ask me if you have any question. 

Good luck everybody (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

INTRODUCING…….THE SUSHI CATS CLUB!!!!!! 😻😸😻😸😻 where sushi-lovers and cat-lovers unite!!

🍙 rules 🍙
🍑 pbf chantelle and me
🍑 be nicee
🍑 have a kik (for the group chat!!)
🍑 reblog this post
🍑 likes are only for bookmarking sorry!

🍣 perks 🍣
🍋 a follow from us (if not already)
🍋 you’ll be invited to a group chat (kik) where we share/talk about sushi/cats/doodles/art/advice/basically anything!✨
🍋 andd we can become penpals!!

🍥 higher chances 🍥
🍐 talk to us!
🍐 reblog our uploads! xx
🍐 reblog this a gazillion times!!
🍐 check out my instagram maybe?

🍘 others 🍘
🍇 chantelle made the cutee banner!
🍇 we’ll be picking 20 - 25 blogs (depending on the notes!💫)
🍇 we’ll be choosing when this gets a good amount of notes!! so get reblogging buds!! 🎉

Hi! We’re the Minority LP Network! 

This blog is dedicated to promoting the YouTube channels of minority let’s players! We know how it feels to be drowned out or have a smaller voice in a community, so we want to showcase the talents that might otherwise not receive enough attention! We also hope to create a network of people who are a minority within the LP community who can promote and support each other.

If you would like to be a part of our network, simply send us a submission of a favorite video you’ve made with a short description of the kind of content you put out!

We’ve just started out, but we hope this will turn into a great place to share and find LP content.

Thank you!

Yoo.. I’m making a network for trans/nonbinary kids who like pop punk music and similar things! 


  • Trans/NB friends 
  • Selfie reblogs 
  • A chill community to talk to about music and such..


  • MBF me 
  • reblog this
  • Must be trans (nonbinary included) 
  • Willing to give skype/kik
  • Be hella punk B) 

 More likely to get in if you: 

  • Post bands, aesthetics, plants, art, etc. 
  • Are active 

Members will be decided around May 5 (date subject to change)

If you love mikayuu & want to share it with the world then here’s your chance!

  • must be following admins me & Gee
  • follow the net blog mikayuunet
  • must fill out this form
  • reblog this! (likes don’t count but you can bookmark!)
  • track the tag “mikayuunet”!
  • this post must get at least 20 notes
  • ends when we get enough applications/members!(may 9th)
W H A T   Y O U   G E T   I F   Y O U   B E C O M E   A   M E M B E R:
  • new friends!
  • group chats!
  • more followers!
  • selfie/post reblogs!
  • support & people to talk to!

admin | net page | application | badge | banner art cred |

“oh but muse, you just made a network like last week!” fight me

celestial kids net !

network for rad kids who like space and stuff B)


-mbf me, the admin

-reblog the post

-fill out the application

-be into space ? or at least think its rad i mean

benefits / if u get in

-track the tag, #celestial kids net, where you can post promos, selfies, art, whatevs

-a rad skype chat 2 meet rat ppl in

-new friends / mutuals B)


-please put the badge somewhere on your blog or in a networks tag

-following the other members would be cool but you dont have to

ill be accepting members once this gets enough apps ! 

 if it doesnt get at leadt 20 notes it never happened okay