Rocking tough with my afro puff

110 Troutman Avenue Brooklyn doors are open….show starts soon….I have a good feeling about this one.

@thecharlymagazine painted me in a way I’ve wanted for some time now without me asking him too….
And he painted a 7 on me without knowing about how that’s my number. When I asked him what made him paint it he said it was based off the energy he felt flowing from me. Crazy huh?

#studiosandsets #brooklyn $ny #netoushamonroe

Let It Die
Produced by @DefSoulNJ & @JacquezVargas
Written by @NetoushaMonroe

Let It Die is a song that anybody who’s fallen in and out of love can relate to. A story of the after effects of losing the one you thought was “the one” A vivid description of the painful process we have to go through when we lose people we love. Def Soul and Jacquez Vargas hold the listener’s attention from the very first chord until the end. A classic sad love song. Enjoy this installment of the #MonroeMonday series as we prepare for Dear Johnny’s release and the #MsMonroeTour. Peace.